Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Classic Top Knot Bun Tutorial

It's another post about hair however I am going to be showing you how I achieve the classic top knot bun look which I love to wear. I often go for this look if I have left my hair for a few days and it becomes greasy because it just gets the hair up and out of the way while still looking pretty and chic and doesn't actually require that much work or effort. I am by no means a professional hair stylist but this is just the way I do this hairstyle. If you want to know how I create this look then here we go...

This hair do doesn't require you to go and buy anything special such as a curler or anything. However you will to make sure you have a load of hair pins and hair bands and then any hair spray of your choice. Mine is just from Superdrug and I believe it is there own brand one. 

The first thing to do to create this look is to flip the hair over and tie the hair while the head is hanging down so that you can create a high ponytail easily. The higher the ponytail, the higher the top knot bun. Tie the ponytail with a hair band but because I have thick heavy hair and normally use two or three bands. 

The next step is to flip the ponytail back over the head again and then plait the whole ponytail. You don't have to plait the ponytail like this but I find it easiest when I flip the hair over. When you have plaited the whole ponytail then tie it with a hair band. 

After you have plaited the ponytail, you will need to wrap the ponytail around the top of the ponytail and around the hair bands. Depending on how long your hair is, you may need to wrap the hair around a couple of times. 

The last couple of steps in this hair style is to pin the bun in place. I normally use about ten hair pins just because I have very thick hair and I try to evenly spread the hair pins out so that the plait doesn't come undone and then I just apply hair spray to insure that the top knot bun stays in place. 

I hope that these hairstyle instructions were helpful and hopefully this could help you with creating your own bun and of course, this is just my way of doing this and you can change whatever part of the hairstyle you want. 

What is your favourite hairstyle to rock? 

Emily <3 


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