Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Favourites

As I am writing this, I can't quite believe that August is over. What happened?! I have had so much fun this month because I have gone on two holiays, visited family and relaxed. Anyways as it's the end of the month, I thought I would crack out my August favourites and this month includes a mixture from books to make up. So let's get started...

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Glossy Gloss Stick
If you read my Summer Beauty Haul you will know that I picked this lip product during my holiday and I haven't stopped using it! It is great for everyday wear and makes my lips feel smooth and soft and makes them look glossy but not sticky. I had heard alot of people talking about this product and it is so worth the hype and worth a try. 

Rimmel Moisturiser Renew Lipstick
Another product that I brought during my holiday is the Rimmel lipstick in 'Nude Delight'. If I want to wear a lipstick but don't want a bright colour then this is the lipstick for you because it makes your lips look healthy and chic. I love wearing this lipstick on a shopping day with friends and when visiting family. 

Soap & Glory Solar Powder 
Next product is a product that I have wearing everyday this month and its the Soap & Glory bronzer. I love this bronzer because it has two different shades and is perfect because you decided whether you want a lighter or darker colour. It is also matte and doesn't contain any glitter which is great and comes with a mirror. What more would you need?! 

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo 
Up next is a product that I rediscovered this month and its the Maybelline Colour in 'On bronze and bronze'. There is alot of hype around this product and with good reason because it is an amazing bronze colour and is the perfect eye base for eyeshadow. This stuff doesn't move and I have wearing it alot recently and I have been loving a bronze. 

Nail Polish - Barry M Hi Shine 'Sugar Apple'
My favourite nail polish of the month has been the Barry M Hi Shine in 'Sugar Apple' which is a light mint green colour. I love this colour because it matches everything and is a dupe for Essie 'Mint Candy Apple' which is a favourite of mine. I love the formula of this nail polish because it only requires one or two coats. 

Yankee Candle Simple Home 'Shoreline'
My candle of the month has been the Yankee Candle Simple Home in 'Shoreline' which smells amazing. I am so bad at describing smells but it isn't a sweet or fruity smell but a more calming and relaxing one and I guess it smells like your by the sea and I love it for the evening and just makes me feel calm. 

Fashion Must-Have - Kimomo 
I thought that I would include some of my fashion favourites for this month and one of them is my kimomo which I have been wearing so much lately. This is because it goes with so much due to the different range of colours in the pattern. I love wearing this with shorts, dresses and jeans because it keeps me warm and is so comfortable. 

Fashion Must-Have - Skort
My other fashion favourite has been my skort which I been wearing every other day because I love it so much and I recently did a style post about it so check it out. Anyway I have been wearing this so much because it is great for travelling because it is comfortable yet chic and mine is from Primark and my favourite part is the heart pattern. 

TV show - Young & Hungry 
My favourite tv show has been Young & Hungry because I am so excited that Emily Osment is back on the TV screen again and this show is so funny and great. It is about a young women who gets a job working for a rich young man. Other shows that I have been loving recently include Pretty Little Liars, Hollyoaks and Neighbours. 

Favourite Movie - Divergent 
I finally got around to watching Divergent and I read the books before watching the movie and it didn't disppoint and I loved the movie. If you haven't watch it, give it a go serious it is amazing! Other movies I have been loving include The Heartbreak Kid, Wild Girl and The Fault in Our Stars. 

Favourite Books & Magazine
The book that I haven't been able to stop reading has been Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and I am sad to say that I have read this book at least five or six times because I love it that much! I have also been loving a couple of magazines this month which include Company with the Ashley Benson cover and the Seventeen issue with Ariana Grande cover as well. 

Favourite Song - Shake it Off
If you know me, your know that I am a massive Taylor Swift fan and when her new song came out I was so excited and I love it! Shake it off has been on repeat and is the perfect song to dance around and shout out to. If I am feeling down, I blast this song out and jump around like its no one business! 

That's a lot favourites for the month of August and I hope that you have enjoyed it! These are just my favourites and I hope that I didn't bore you and you found a couple of new things to try out. I have had a great August and I hope that you have too!

What have you loving this month? 

Emily <3 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Summer Beauty Haul

As the end of summer is edging closer, I thought I would you what beauty products I have picked up over my summer holidays. I don't know about you but when I go on holiday I always come back with more make up than I started with which is just silly because I don't really need any more make up but I couldn't help myself. Yes I have a problem! Anyways I picked a couple of things from Boots while in Sheffield as they have a massive boots and also a couple of products from a Market that I visited so if your noisy like me and want to see what products I brought over the last couple of months then here we go!

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Glossy Stick
When I arrived in Sheffield I discovered that they had a massive Boots so I had to investigate and I found a Soap & Glory Stand which I don't have in my Boots so I jumped at the chance and brought the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist. I have heard loads about this product and rightly so because it is amazing and doesn't dry out my lips at all which is a plus and is the perfect nude colour for everyday wear. This product cost £7 which isn't cheap but worth it.

Soap & Glory Supercat Liner 
While in Boots, I noticed that Soap & Glory had a buy one and get the second product half price deal so I thought I would also pick up the Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen. I have heard a few bloggers and youtubers talking about this liner so I decided to try it out because I am really getting into liquid liner lately. This liquid liner normally costs £6 but I got it for £3 instead which is a bargain!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal 
A couple of weeks ago I went to visit a Market and I found a cute make up stall that sold make up at a discounted price. Being the make up crazy person I am, I picked up a couple of things and the first thing was this Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil Liner in Bronze. I had never tried the Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Liner before so at a discounted price I thought why not. This liner cost £1 which is a bargain and this pencil liner has amazing staying power. 

Rimmel Eyeful Eye Crayon 
While at this market stall, I found this Rimmel Eyeshadow Pencil which I hadn't seen or heard about before but I brought it anyway because I wanted to give it a go and it was only £1. I can't say that the staying power is great but with a good eye primer it is fine and the pigmentation is amazing and blends like nothing it else I have. I tried to research this product online and I'm not sure where you can buy these but if you see them, give them a go!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 
At this discounted stall, I found a load of Rimmel Lipsticks and I love the Rimmel Lipsticks so I brought two and the first one was the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'Nude Delight' which is a bloggers favourite and almost everyone that I follow, read and watch loves this lipsticks so I had to try it. I am loving nude lips at the moment and this lipstick didn't disappoint and is the perfect nude tone. This lipstick cost just £2 which is amazing and unbelievable!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick
The other lipstick I brought was a Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in '16' which is a light pink colour. I brought this lipstick because it is the perfect 'your lips but better colour' and is such a wearable colour. I have a couple of these Kate Moss Lipsticks and they are great and have good colour payoff and really wear well and stay on your lips for a long time. Again this lipstick cost £2 which is another bargain and I love it! 

Bourjois Ombre Eyeshadow
The last thing that I brought from the Market was a Bourjois Ombre Eyeshadow in '71 Raffine'. I have never tried a Bourjois Eyeshadow before and I really like the bronze colour so I picked this eyeshadow. I have tried this eyeshadow and found out it is a baked eyeshadow and really gives intense pigment with a damp eyeshadow brush. This eyeshadow only cost £2 and I couldn't turn down that bargain down! 

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder 
I have recently been looking for a new powder as the Rimmel Stay Matte doesn't keep me very matte due to my oily skin so I decided to give this Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder a go. First off this power smells amazing and secondly it is amazing! I have oily skin and this power keeps me shine free for almost the whole day and I only had to touch up once and that was after 7 hours! If you need a new powder than try this one! However this powder cost £8.99 which isn't that cheap but it is so worth it if you are very oily and I am in the colour '52 vanilla'. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
The last product is my most recently purchase and is the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and I brought this foundation because I haven't worn foundation much this summer due to the hot temperatures however the temperature has dropped and I am going off to university soon so I wanted something with a bit more coverage. I picked this foundation because I have heard a lot of good things about this foundation and has a fairly light coverage which is what I was looking for. The nearly naked foundation cost £8.99 which isn't cehap for a drugstore foundation but I wanted to try it out. 

Phew! That's all the products and now I feel rather guilty for buying so much! Anyway I hope that you enjoyed this post and give you ideas of things you could buy. I did take swatches of the products but didn't end up including them because the post would have been way too long but you want to see swatches then a comment below and I shall do a post including the swatches. 

What make up have you been buying lately? 

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How I Style Skorts

I am back with a new post and today it's a fashion post! I haven't done a fashion related post in the longest time so I thought that I would show you how I style a skort. Some of you might be asking 'what in the world is a skort?'. Well it's a mix of a short and skirt which is just brilliant idea and I have been wearing my skort all summer time because it is comfortable yet they still look very girly and chic. The pair I am going to be styling are from Primark which shouldn't really be a shock. This skort is black with white hearts all over them and they have shorts at the back and at the front two pieces of fabric cross over to create a skirt like look. They are so comfortable I can't even tell you! Anyway I have come up with a few different outfits that show you how I like to wear and style skorts.

The first outfit I put together has more of an edgy feel to it and I love it! It contains a leather jacket, white top, black tights and studded biker boots. This outfit would be perfect for the autumn and winter time and includes a lot of black. This outfit really makes the skort stand out because of the pattern and adds a girly touch to an otherwise edgy look. 

Leather jacket: Forever 21 
Top: Primark
Tights: Primark 
Studded Biker Boots: New Look 

The next outfit is a more fancy and sophisticated look and would be perfect for a dinner party. It includes a white button up top, a white tank top, a statement necklace and a pair of black pumps. I really love this outfit because it makes the skort more girly and would be perfect if you want to look cute but want to be comfortable at the same time. I added a white tank top under the button up shirt to give it that classy look. 

White Button Up Shirt: Primark 
Tank Top: Marks & Spencer 
Statement Necklace: Primark 
Black Pump Heels: Primark 

This outfit is the perfect summer look and would be great to wear to a BBQ because it is fancy yet not too dressy and makes you look very girly. This outfit is made up of a hot pink cropped top and a pair of black wedges. The thing I love most about this outfit is that it is so simple but effectively and it still looks very put together and the top really adds some colour to the outfit. 

Hot Pink Top: H&M
Black Wedges: Primark 

The last outfit is a more casual look and is perfect for grabbing lunch with friends or doing your food shopping. It is made up of a black tank top, denim jacket and sliver flip flops. My favourite part of this outfit is the denim jacket because it really brings a pop of colour to the outfit and gives it that summer feel. I paired the skort with a black tank top which gives it a sleek look and the sliver flip flops give it that effortless chic summer look. 

Black Tank Top: H&M 
Denim Jacket: Primark 
Flip Flops: Havaianas Slim Style 

And that's all the outfits I created and hopefully this gives you some idea of how you could rock your skort. Of course this is just my style and you don't have to create the same outfits and you can replace different items with things you have in your wardrobe. Hope that this post has useful and that you enjoyed it. 

Do you own a skort? How do you style it?

Emily <3 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Make Up Handbag Staples

I don't know about you but I am that person that carries a massive handbag around with them and fills it with things that I hardly ever end up using. However one thing that does come in handy is the make up that goes into my bag. I don't actually keep a make up bag in my handbag as I don't wear make up everyday so when I need to bring make up around with me, it is often just thrown in last minute and today I thought I would show you what my make up handbag staples are. 

This is a weird one because I don't normally reapply mascara throughout the day but still end up carrying it around. However I count this as a handbag staple because there are times when it rains and your mascara runs and the volume and length just disappears. The mascara I am currently using is the Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express which is amazing and just gives tons of volume. 

Pressed Powder
As a girl battling oily skin, I always need my powder with me. This is needed for the times when I get nervous and sweat and if the temperature is fairly high. The powder I am currently using is the Seventeen Miracle Matte which is amazing for keeping my skin oil and shine free. I also carry this one around because it contains a sponge and mirror which perfect for on the go people. 

Lip Balm
I also have a million lip balms floating around in the bottom of my bag and they are perfect if your like me and often end up getting dry lips throughout the today. The one I normally use is The Body Shop Watermelon Lip Balm which smells so good and really leaves me lips feeling smooth soft. 

If you are wearing lipstick then I would recommend carrying the lipstick with you for touch ups throughout the day. This is great for using after you have had lunch or a snack just to touch up your lips. The lipstick that I have been carrying around with me a lot recently is the Rimmel Moisture Renew  in Nude Delight which is the perfect nude lipstick colour. 

Another thing that I always have in my handbag is my eyeliner of the day. This is because I suffer from oily eyelids and therefore I often need to reapply my eyeliner. One of my favourite eyeliners of the moment is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil in Bronze. I love this liner because it suits my brown eyes very well and looks more natural than a black liquid liner.

Hair comb/ Hairbrush 
The last staple of mine is a hair comb or hair brush because my hair always end up such a mess after an hour because of wind and other things so I love keeping a small hair comb in my handbag for the times when the wind just decides to completely restyle my hair. I also keep a comb for little fly away hairs that pop up.

That's all of my make up handbag staples and of course this is just my own staples and you don't have to carry any of these things with you. Hopefully this has given you some idea of things that you could carry around with you and what you may need.

What are your make up handbag staples? 

Emily <3 

Friday, 22 August 2014

School Days // Going Down Memory Lane & My Advice

The end of summer means that everyone begins to go back to school, college and university. This time of year always makes me nervous but then I guess everyone is because there are people moving from Primary to Secondary to Sixth college and finally to University. I thought that I would share my experience of my school days and some of my stand out moments for me.

I honestly can't remember Primary School that much and that was because I never really enjoyed it very much so I can't say much about that but a moment that stands out to me was starting my Secondary school for the first time and that was because it was a fresh start and a chance to meet new people. I remember being so nervous but I think that the excitment helped me through and I ended up being the loudest and most outgoing person in the whole school (sometimes I think I was a bit too loud!). I also remember hanging out with the 'popular people' in the first couple of months but then I met this amazing cool girl called Naomi and we became best friends and to this day we remain friends. I really believe that I had one of the best Secondary school experiences ever and I joined so many clubs ; netball, basketball, swimming, cross-country, choir, orchestra and dance club. However before I got to finish secondary school, me and my family moved country and I started a sixth form college.

Oh sixth form college. I honest can't figure out why I didn't fit in well but I tried so hard to make friends  but it wasn't meant to be and I was the class loner but I soon found friends outside of my class and course and they were crazy and amazing and this really made me think that you should never change your self to make friends. In my sixth form college, we had a range of different courses and I didn't end up finding friends in my class but it made me study harder and when I finished, I ended up with full marks in everything and the highest marks in the whole year which I am not going to lie feels real good!

Anyway enough about me because I know that so many people will be going heading to secondary school, sixth form college and university. Some people will fit in straight away and make loads of friends and will be so excited but most will be nervous and anxious and worry that they won't make new friends or fit in. It's normal to feel this way and most people will be just like you. However one piece of advice I would give this that school is what you make of it. School isn't for everyone and some will love it and some will hate it and thats ok because no one is the same. Of course school will have low moments such as friendships failing, boyfriends, homework but there will be some moments when you find yourself loving it. As much as you hate or love it, school shapes you into the person you will become when your older because it tests you strengths and your weaknesses and yes teachers will push you to your limits and push you out of your comfort zone but this will make you stronger and wiser.

So if your starting a new academic year then good luck to you and just remember to be your self and enjoy it because you only go to school once. Well I hope that you have found this post somewhat useful and hopefully I didn't bore you with you school day memories! I know that this a different type of post but I wanted to write a more personal post but don't worry there are many more beauty posts coming your way! Of course this is just my advice and personal experiences because everyone is different.

What were your favourite school memories? 

Emily <3 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Beauty Expiration Dates

Today's post is about Beauty Expiration Dates and I came up with this idea when I walked into my bathroom and looked in my draws. This is because my bathroom draw is currently overflowing and a big mess and part of the problem is that I just don't throw anything away and I am just a big beauty product hoarder. This got me thinking about when beauty expiration dates are and when they should be thrown out. Obviously anything that looks, feels or smells funny should be thrown away immediately and anything that is definitely out of date and this applies to products that might still looks, smells and feels ok. Never put put anything that is out of date on your face because it won't do your skin any good. However one thing I have noticed is that a lot of beauty products don't print any Expiration Dates and that's because it's not a legal requirement to do so. I have found this website called which is where you just type in the bar or lot code and this gives you the month and year that the product was made in. Loads of different websites say different lengths of time to keep products so I have created a list from doing research online through blogs and websites.

Mascara: 3-4 months
Liquid Liners: 4 months 
Eye Cream: 6 months 
Cleanser: 6-12 months 
Toner: 6-12 months 
Bath Oil: 1 year 
Eye & Lip Pencils: 1 year
Lipgloss: 1 year 
Concealer: 1 year
Foundation: 1-2 years
Nail Polish: 1-2 years
Lipstick: 1-2 years 
Powders: 2 years 
Eye Shadow: 2 years
Blush: 2 years 
Bronzer: 2 years 
Deodorant: 2 years
Moistruiser: 2 years 
Sun Cream: 2 years
Body Cream: 2-3 years 
Soap: 2-3 years
Shampoo & Conditioner: 3 years
Shower Gel: 2-3 years 
Styling Prodcuts: 2-3 years
Fragrance: 1-5 years 

Hopefully I covered most products and of course every product is different and they have individual ingredients which will affect how long they last for. This list of expiration dates is just a guide and is rather vague and you can use your own judgement because if the product changes texture, smell or colour it most likely means that the products needs to be thrown out. Hopefully you have found this information useful and of course this is just a guide. 

Are you a beauty product hoarder? 

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Drugstore Make Up Starter Kit

As the end of summer is beginning to draw near, the thought of School, College and University starts to creep in and every blogger and youtuber cracks out their 'Back To School' series and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and talk about a 'Make Up Starter Kit' that I would use for going to school. Although I am no longer in school (scary thought), I created a 'Starter Kit' for people who are starting School, College or University and want to dip their feet into make up (hypothetically speaking)!  All of the products I have included in this kit, are from the drugstore and on the cheaper side of the drugstore so that you don't break your bank. I have tried my best to pick products from a range of different brands as well. 

Foundation & BB Cream
I don't really believe that foundation is needed to be worn everyday and even more so if your just starting out in make up, however if you feel more confident wearing foundation then of course you can pick a foundation and I have picked a foundation and bb cream. They are both from Miss Sporty and cost no more than £4 each which is amazing. The Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation is great because it doesn't require a matte powder over top and combats oil and shine and doesn't feel very heavy at all. The shade I have is in 002 Light which is a bit too dark for me. The Miss Sport Morning Baby BB cream is also very good and gives a healthy glow to the skin and smells nice which is a bonus I guess! I have my BB cream in the shade 001 Nude Radiance and is a perfect colour match.

If your like me and are dealing with oily skin, a matte powder will be your best friend. You can buy loose powder and pressed powder however, if you are just starting in make up I would recommend a pressed powder just because it is easier and not as messy. There are a lot powders in the drugstore but I have picked the Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Neutral. It is a great size for putting in your school bag and helps to reduce shine and gives a matte finish and only cost £1.99 which is such a bargain. 

Next up is a bronzer. When I started wearing make up, I didn't wear bronzer because I didn't really understand what it did and if there is a good bronzer in the drugstore. Well that quickly changed when I picked up the MUA bronzer in Shade 1. I am not saying that you need to contour if you buy a bronzer because you can just suck in your checks and brush bronzer into the hollows of the checks. This just makes you look a bit more bronzed like you have been on holiday and puts a bit of colour back into your face. The MUA bronzer is great because it doesn't have too much glitter and is fairly matte, comes in three or four different shades and only cost £1 which is just amazing. 

There are so many blushers in the drugstore and it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming but I have picked the Make Up Revolution Blusher in Sugar which is a perfect peachy colour and is great for a natural look and doesn't make you look like you have just been for a run. However just a word of warning, the Make Up Revolution Blushers are very pigmented so don't go overboard with them. If your Superdrug doesn't sell Make Up Revolution products then you can order them online and this blush cost £1 which is great because it has 3.4g of product and is so pigmented. 

Eye Primer 
Now I don't know about you but if you have oily eye lids, trying to get eyeshadow to stay on your lids can be so hard and that's where an eye primer comes in. There isn't a great selection in the drugstore as a lot of the brands don't do eye primers but the one I picked is the Make Up Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer which cost £1. This is great for keeping eye shadow on however if you do struggle with very oily eye lids then this might not work for you but at the moment I can't find another one that really combats this unfortunately. If you willing to fork out a bit more the Urban Decay Primer Potion is amazing. 

There are so much different eyeshadows out there but I have picked an eyeshadow quad from NYC in Best of Broadway. I picked this quad over others because there is so many neutral and natural colours which is great and I feel that every girl should own a neutral palette or quad to begin with. This quad is great because it contains four colours which can be blended together but could also create a smoky eye. The NYC quad cost £2.99 which at that price you can't really go wrong with. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is amazing and they feel buttery and blend rather well and if you can, I would seriously suggest picking this baby up. 

The first item of make up I ever wore was a brown liner and I suggest that if you are going to school not wearing a black liquid liner because it is rather heavy and more obvious so I picked a brown pencil liner and its the Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Sable Brown. I normally use this pencil to line my waterline but you can also use this to line your tightline as well if you want to. This pencil cost £2.99 which is great! This pencil is so easy to use and is has good pigmentation and doesn't require you to press down hard or drag your eye lid either. 

A lot of people normally start off with mascara and they are so many great ones from the drugstore however I have picked the Barry M Lash Vegas Waterproof Mascara. I haven't too many people talking about this mascara but I wanted to try this and I needed a waterproof mascara for my holiday and I love this mascara! It is great because it is very waterproof but also comes off without too much difficultly but still gives alot of volume and length. If you aren't a fan of waterproof mascara the normal formula of this mascara is just as good. This mascara cost £6.49 which isn't that cheap but the wand is big which is good and has a good formula as well. 

Lip Products
I never wore lipstick to school or when I started wearing make up either so I have picked two tinted lip balms. The first one is from Maybelline and is their Baby Lips in Peach Kiss which just smells oh so very good. This Baby Lips cost £2.99 which is a bargain. It has a hint of colour but isn't a bright colour but rather a nude colour which is great for school. The other lip product is from Natural Collection is their Moisture Shine Lipstick in Pink Mallow which has a pink hint in it and has a bit more colour because it is a lipstick isn't bright colour and is perfect for school. Although it is a lipstick, it doesn't have that much colour payoff so it is great for school. The Natural Collection lipstick cost £1.99 and you can't really go wrong with that price. 

And thats everything in my Drugstore Make Up Starter Kit and I hope that you found this helpful and has given you some idea of what make up you want to use for school if you wish to wear make up. Of course you don't have to make up at all and you don't have to use any of the products that I talked about either but these are just my picks. 

What is in your school, college or university make up bag? 

Emily <3 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

How To Recycle Your Old Candles

Are you like me and loving burning candles but don't know what to do after you finish a candle? Well today I have created a post that allows you to recycle any old candles that you happened to have hanging around in your bedroom. I have created a method that should help you clean out your candle jars and this method should work for any candle such as yankee candles or bath and body works candles. If you would like to create your own glass holder than here we go...

1. Freezing The Candle
First thing to do is to store the candle in a freezer for at least two hours and you can keep it in the freezer for as long as you want. I normally just pop the candle into the freezer as soon as the candle is finished so that when I have the time I can just grab it and clean it. 

2. Trace Around The Outside With A Knife 
The next step is to grab a knife and trace around the edges of the candle. This is done to loosen the wax and will make it easier to remove the wax later. I would suggest using a fairly sharp knife but be very careful with it and make sure you don't smash the knife against the glass to avoid smashing the glass.

3. Stick The Knife In The Middle And Twist
After going around the outside, insert the knife into the middle of the candle and twist the knife. This should crack the wax into smaller pieces. You should then be able to remove the wax easily but it could make a mess so just be careful and if you want, place a mat under the area your working in. 

4. Add Hot Water To The Container and Remove Wick 
After removing all the wax, you will want to pour hot water into the container and carefully swirl the water around. You could use hot water from the tap or hot water from a boiled kettle. While the hot water is in the container, use the knife to loosen the wick and the water should melt the glue. Carefully tip the water out, and you should be able to remove the wick. 

5. Scub The Jar Clean 
The second to last step is to get a sponge and a bit of washing up liquid and scub the container. This will get rid of any wax or glue that is still there and just makes the glass look sparkly and new. Ideally, you want to use hot water to rid of the leftover wax and make it look clean. 

6. Clean And Remove Label
The last step is to grab some nail polish remover and a cotton pad and just get rid of any marks that may be left on the glass. The only other thing to do is to remove the label and this doesn't really require any special technique, you just pull the label. If a mark is left from the label, I would suggest using nail polish remover again. 

And there you have it! There are many different things you could do with a old candle jar and although alot of people use it to hold brushes, there are different uses as well. 

I hope that this post was somewhat helpful and gives you some ideas of what you could use your old candle jars for! Of course you don't have to use this method if you don't want to and you can use your candle jar to do whatever you want. 

What do you do with your old candle jars? 

Emily <3

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