Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Favourites

As I am writing this, I can't quite believe that August is over. What happened?! I have had so much fun this month because I have gone on two holiays, visited family and relaxed. Anyways as it's the end of the month, I thought I would crack out my August favourites and this month includes a mixture from books to make up. So let's get started...

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Glossy Gloss Stick
If you read my Summer Beauty Haul you will know that I picked this lip product during my holiday and I haven't stopped using it! It is great for everyday wear and makes my lips feel smooth and soft and makes them look glossy but not sticky. I had heard alot of people talking about this product and it is so worth the hype and worth a try. 

Rimmel Moisturiser Renew Lipstick
Another product that I brought during my holiday is the Rimmel lipstick in 'Nude Delight'. If I want to wear a lipstick but don't want a bright colour then this is the lipstick for you because it makes your lips look healthy and chic. I love wearing this lipstick on a shopping day with friends and when visiting family. 

Soap & Glory Solar Powder 
Next product is a product that I have wearing everyday this month and its the Soap & Glory bronzer. I love this bronzer because it has two different shades and is perfect because you decided whether you want a lighter or darker colour. It is also matte and doesn't contain any glitter which is great and comes with a mirror. What more would you need?! 

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo 
Up next is a product that I rediscovered this month and its the Maybelline Colour in 'On bronze and bronze'. There is alot of hype around this product and with good reason because it is an amazing bronze colour and is the perfect eye base for eyeshadow. This stuff doesn't move and I have wearing it alot recently and I have been loving a bronze. 

Nail Polish - Barry M Hi Shine 'Sugar Apple'
My favourite nail polish of the month has been the Barry M Hi Shine in 'Sugar Apple' which is a light mint green colour. I love this colour because it matches everything and is a dupe for Essie 'Mint Candy Apple' which is a favourite of mine. I love the formula of this nail polish because it only requires one or two coats. 

Yankee Candle Simple Home 'Shoreline'
My candle of the month has been the Yankee Candle Simple Home in 'Shoreline' which smells amazing. I am so bad at describing smells but it isn't a sweet or fruity smell but a more calming and relaxing one and I guess it smells like your by the sea and I love it for the evening and just makes me feel calm. 

Fashion Must-Have - Kimomo 
I thought that I would include some of my fashion favourites for this month and one of them is my kimomo which I have been wearing so much lately. This is because it goes with so much due to the different range of colours in the pattern. I love wearing this with shorts, dresses and jeans because it keeps me warm and is so comfortable. 

Fashion Must-Have - Skort
My other fashion favourite has been my skort which I been wearing every other day because I love it so much and I recently did a style post about it so check it out. Anyway I have been wearing this so much because it is great for travelling because it is comfortable yet chic and mine is from Primark and my favourite part is the heart pattern. 

TV show - Young & Hungry 
My favourite tv show has been Young & Hungry because I am so excited that Emily Osment is back on the TV screen again and this show is so funny and great. It is about a young women who gets a job working for a rich young man. Other shows that I have been loving recently include Pretty Little Liars, Hollyoaks and Neighbours. 

Favourite Movie - Divergent 
I finally got around to watching Divergent and I read the books before watching the movie and it didn't disppoint and I loved the movie. If you haven't watch it, give it a go serious it is amazing! Other movies I have been loving include The Heartbreak Kid, Wild Girl and The Fault in Our Stars. 

Favourite Books & Magazine
The book that I haven't been able to stop reading has been Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and I am sad to say that I have read this book at least five or six times because I love it that much! I have also been loving a couple of magazines this month which include Company with the Ashley Benson cover and the Seventeen issue with Ariana Grande cover as well. 

Favourite Song - Shake it Off
If you know me, your know that I am a massive Taylor Swift fan and when her new song came out I was so excited and I love it! Shake it off has been on repeat and is the perfect song to dance around and shout out to. If I am feeling down, I blast this song out and jump around like its no one business! 

That's a lot favourites for the month of August and I hope that you have enjoyed it! These are just my favourites and I hope that I didn't bore you and you found a couple of new things to try out. I have had a great August and I hope that you have too!

What have you loving this month? 

Emily <3 


  1. I love so many of these items - S&G, perfect…..BarryM, perfect….the Kimono, perfect, Yankee Candle….I LOVE!! :)

    Layla xx

  2. Great post! I love that kimono, the pattern is lovely :) xxx

    Jessica :


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