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Drugstore Make Up Starter Kit

As the end of summer is beginning to draw near, the thought of School, College and University starts to creep in and every blogger and youtuber cracks out their 'Back To School' series and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and talk about a 'Make Up Starter Kit' that I would use for going to school. Although I am no longer in school (scary thought), I created a 'Starter Kit' for people who are starting School, College or University and want to dip their feet into make up (hypothetically speaking)!  All of the products I have included in this kit, are from the drugstore and on the cheaper side of the drugstore so that you don't break your bank. I have tried my best to pick products from a range of different brands as well. 

Foundation & BB Cream
I don't really believe that foundation is needed to be worn everyday and even more so if your just starting out in make up, however if you feel more confident wearing foundation then of course you can pick a foundation and I have picked a foundation and bb cream. They are both from Miss Sporty and cost no more than £4 each which is amazing. The Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation is great because it doesn't require a matte powder over top and combats oil and shine and doesn't feel very heavy at all. The shade I have is in 002 Light which is a bit too dark for me. The Miss Sport Morning Baby BB cream is also very good and gives a healthy glow to the skin and smells nice which is a bonus I guess! I have my BB cream in the shade 001 Nude Radiance and is a perfect colour match.

If your like me and are dealing with oily skin, a matte powder will be your best friend. You can buy loose powder and pressed powder however, if you are just starting in make up I would recommend a pressed powder just because it is easier and not as messy. There are a lot powders in the drugstore but I have picked the Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Neutral. It is a great size for putting in your school bag and helps to reduce shine and gives a matte finish and only cost £1.99 which is such a bargain. 

Next up is a bronzer. When I started wearing make up, I didn't wear bronzer because I didn't really understand what it did and if there is a good bronzer in the drugstore. Well that quickly changed when I picked up the MUA bronzer in Shade 1. I am not saying that you need to contour if you buy a bronzer because you can just suck in your checks and brush bronzer into the hollows of the checks. This just makes you look a bit more bronzed like you have been on holiday and puts a bit of colour back into your face. The MUA bronzer is great because it doesn't have too much glitter and is fairly matte, comes in three or four different shades and only cost £1 which is just amazing. 

There are so many blushers in the drugstore and it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming but I have picked the Make Up Revolution Blusher in Sugar which is a perfect peachy colour and is great for a natural look and doesn't make you look like you have just been for a run. However just a word of warning, the Make Up Revolution Blushers are very pigmented so don't go overboard with them. If your Superdrug doesn't sell Make Up Revolution products then you can order them online and this blush cost £1 which is great because it has 3.4g of product and is so pigmented. 

Eye Primer 
Now I don't know about you but if you have oily eye lids, trying to get eyeshadow to stay on your lids can be so hard and that's where an eye primer comes in. There isn't a great selection in the drugstore as a lot of the brands don't do eye primers but the one I picked is the Make Up Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer which cost £1. This is great for keeping eye shadow on however if you do struggle with very oily eye lids then this might not work for you but at the moment I can't find another one that really combats this unfortunately. If you willing to fork out a bit more the Urban Decay Primer Potion is amazing. 

There are so much different eyeshadows out there but I have picked an eyeshadow quad from NYC in Best of Broadway. I picked this quad over others because there is so many neutral and natural colours which is great and I feel that every girl should own a neutral palette or quad to begin with. This quad is great because it contains four colours which can be blended together but could also create a smoky eye. The NYC quad cost £2.99 which at that price you can't really go wrong with. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is amazing and they feel buttery and blend rather well and if you can, I would seriously suggest picking this baby up. 

The first item of make up I ever wore was a brown liner and I suggest that if you are going to school not wearing a black liquid liner because it is rather heavy and more obvious so I picked a brown pencil liner and its the Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Sable Brown. I normally use this pencil to line my waterline but you can also use this to line your tightline as well if you want to. This pencil cost £2.99 which is great! This pencil is so easy to use and is has good pigmentation and doesn't require you to press down hard or drag your eye lid either. 

A lot of people normally start off with mascara and they are so many great ones from the drugstore however I have picked the Barry M Lash Vegas Waterproof Mascara. I haven't too many people talking about this mascara but I wanted to try this and I needed a waterproof mascara for my holiday and I love this mascara! It is great because it is very waterproof but also comes off without too much difficultly but still gives alot of volume and length. If you aren't a fan of waterproof mascara the normal formula of this mascara is just as good. This mascara cost £6.49 which isn't that cheap but the wand is big which is good and has a good formula as well. 

Lip Products
I never wore lipstick to school or when I started wearing make up either so I have picked two tinted lip balms. The first one is from Maybelline and is their Baby Lips in Peach Kiss which just smells oh so very good. This Baby Lips cost £2.99 which is a bargain. It has a hint of colour but isn't a bright colour but rather a nude colour which is great for school. The other lip product is from Natural Collection is their Moisture Shine Lipstick in Pink Mallow which has a pink hint in it and has a bit more colour because it is a lipstick isn't bright colour and is perfect for school. Although it is a lipstick, it doesn't have that much colour payoff so it is great for school. The Natural Collection lipstick cost £1.99 and you can't really go wrong with that price. 

And thats everything in my Drugstore Make Up Starter Kit and I hope that you found this helpful and has given you some idea of what make up you want to use for school if you wish to wear make up. Of course you don't have to make up at all and you don't have to use any of the products that I talked about either but these are just my picks. 

What is in your school, college or university make up bag? 

Emily <3 


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  2. Glad to see that I'm not the only person who thinks that eyeshadow primer is a pretty essential thing to have in one's makeup bag!


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