Saturday, 2 August 2014

Holiday Essentials Haul // Primark & Boots

I am so excited because I am going on holiday in a couple of days and therefore I felt that a quick holiday essentials haul was in need. I am that person that plans their packing way in advance and thinks about what make up they are going to bring with them. Because of my advance planing I picked up a couple of things that I felt were important and were holiday essentials.

Primark Make Up Bag 
One thing that I knew that I needed to buy was a new Make Up bag as I don't actually own a make up bag that would fit the make up I need. So I was recently in Primark and I walking over to the Make Up bag area and I saw this make up bag and I fell love with it. It is massive for a start and is covered in little macaroons. This Make Up Bag cost £4.00 which is quite good. 

Primark Satchel Bag
The next item is again from Primark and is this little pink satchel bag. I have seen so many people on youtube talking about this bag and I was eyeing this bag for a while and I decided that when I go on holiday, I would need a small bag to carry around during the day rather than a huge handbag so I thought this satchel would be perfect. Well that's how a justified buying another bag anyway. This beautiful bag cost £8.00 which isn't bad either for such a cute bag.

Barry M Nail Polishes
Next up are nail polishes from Boots. I am crazy when it comes to collecting nail polishes and if I am honest I don't really need any more but the Barry M nail polishes just sucked me in. I love the Hi Shine nail polishes and I picked up Sugar Apple and Coconut. I was only planning on buying Sugar Apple but they were buy one get the second half price so I couldn't resist and picked up coconut as well. They would both normally cost £3.99 each.

Nivea BB Cream
As if I don't own enough BB creams, I picked up another BB from Boots. The reason I brought this BB cream was because my other ones are either the wrong shade (silly me!) or they break my skin out so I wanted to try the Nivea BB cream and it is great so far. BB creams are my 'go to' during holidays because they are so light. This BB cream normally costs £5.99 but I got it half price for £2.99 which is a bargain!

Soap & Glory Solar Powder 
I have never tried a Soap & Glory make up product before and I decided that I wanted to look a bit more bronzed for my holiday so I picked up the Solar Powder. This is a Mix-And-Match Multi-Shade Bronzer for beautifully luminous skin and I am excited to bring this with me and try it out. It cost £10.99 from Boots which isn't the worlds cheapest bronzer but hopefully it will be worth it. 

Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara 
Another thing that I needed for my holiday was a waterproof mascara because my only other waterproof mascara has dried up and I saw that this Barry M Lash Vegas Waterproof mascara was on sale so I thought why not give it a go and I hardly ever use waterproof mascara on an everyday basic. This mascara normally costs £6.00 but I got this one for £3.00 instead! 

Primark Make Up Sponge
This next item was a random kind of buy and it's a egg makeup sponge from Primark and I don't own a make up sponge and I thought why not try this one. I have heard a lot of good things about the beauty blender sponge but this one is so much cheaper. It cost £1.50 and is a pink colour which I love! 

Primark Nail Polish Twist Pot
I love painting my nails but taking nail polish remover and cotton pads on holiday with me is just too much work and packing however as I went up to pay in Primark, I came across this Nail Polish Twist Pot. This is basically a Instant Removal for Nail Polish and I thought that would be perfect for traveling and now I can repaint my nails when I want. This only cost £1.00 so if your in Primark, I would recommend picking it up. 

Simple Protecting Moisture Cream
The next product is the Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Moisture Cream with SPF 30 from Boots. I am going to be doing a lot of outdoors type of activities during the holidays so I needed a face cream with SPF in and this is perfect because it is light and absorbs quickly. It cost £3.99 but Boots often have a 3 for 2 in Simple Products. 

Primark Travel Bottle Kit 
Also in Primark I found this Travel Bottle Kit which I decided I needed for my Holiday. I was thinking that I might put some Shampoo, Conditioner, Eye Make up Remover or Cleanser in them so I don't have to bring all my massive bottles with me. This kit costs £1.00 so you can't really go wrong. 

Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes 
The last item is something that everyone needs when they go on holiday and its gentle facial cleansing wipes for those times when your out late and can't be bothered with your cleansing routine or if you mess up your eye make up (yes, thats me!) and these Nivea wipes only cost £1.99 from Boots. 

Finally thats everything that I brought and I didn't buy this all in one go because that would be crazy and I hope that this post wasn't too long and that it gave you ideas of what you may need for your holiday. 

Are you going in holiday? What are your essentials for Holiday? 

Emily <3 


  1. I love your picks! The nail polish colors are pretty and I love the primark makeup bag!

    1. thanks :D the colours are cute! thanks for commenting and reading xx

  2. that bag is stunning i cant believe its primark! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. I am in love with the bag :D thanks for commenting xx

  3. just come across your blog... I must say your design is AMAZING so beautiful... I love your blog so glad I found it :)

    keep up the good work

    would be amazing if you would come say hi along to my blog

    keep in touch

    1. gosh thanks so much :D that means the world to me!! thanks for reading and commenting xx

  4. In case you want to grow natural and healthy hair please visit my blog, i'm just beginning but it would mean a lot! Thank you!!! Kisses from Barcelona!

    1. Will check your blog out :D thanks for commenting xx

  5. I am going to France, for two weeks! Out of Britian finally! Great post here!

    Rebecca | Blog

    1. Have fun in France :D thanks for reading and commenting xx

  6. Great post, loved reading it! xx

  7. The macaroon makeup bag is so cute and the colours are perfect for makeup! :)
    emmerliejay x

    1. I know right! I am in love with it :) xx

  8. I love your picks! The bag is so cute :D


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