Thursday, 25 September 2014

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation // First Impressions

I recently did a Summer Beauty Haul and within that haul was the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and I recently tried it and I thought why not do a first impressions post so here we are. I brought this foundation because I had heard so many people talking about it and raving about it and I thought if it is that good I will have to try it. I don't normally wear foundation but I needed one for times when I do need a bit more coverage but I had also heard that this foundation was a fairly light coverage which was what I wanted. If you want to know what I thought of this foundation when I first used it than this is the post for you...

First off this foundation has no pump which for me isn't a deal breaker but makes it harder to apply and can create a mess if your like me and just spill everything you touch. Other than the no pump issue, I love the packaging and that also drew me towards it because it is in a glass bottle and the white cap just makes it look more expensive than it is. Another thing I would say about this foundation is not to over pour the foundation because I poured way too much onto my hand and then made a mess trying to pour it back into the bottle. 

When I opened up the foundation, I noticed that it smelt rather strange and I don't know if I like it or not. However the smell went away after a couple of minutes when I applied it to my face so that isn't so bad. However one thing I will say is that it can take a while to blend in and really requires a lot of work to make it look flawless. Another thing I noticed was that it didn't dry straight away so if your like me and put foundation all over the face before blending than you are fine. One thing to note is that I picked up mine in the shade '110 ivory' which was the lightest shade they had and surprisingly it was too light and made me look pale. The other thing I noticed was it stuck to drier areas of my face which made it look a bit powdery. 

I have to say that this foundation wore very well indeed. It didn't change colour or fade. However it didn't control my oil or shine as well because I had a powder a couple times through out the day. The only others things I would say about this foundation is that it was heavier than expected and this could be because I don't wear foundation often and I would say it is a more medium coverage rather than a light coverage foundation. 

Overall I would say that this is a fairly standard foundation and does the work well. I will still be using this foundation and trying different ways to make it work. These are just my thoughts on the product after the first use and this foundation may work differently on your skin compared to mine. I hope that this first impression was interesting and useful. 

Have you tried this foundation before? What did you think? 

Emily <3


  1. does it cover blemishes well??


    1. I would say yes but is only really a light to medium coverage. xx


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