Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Autumn Eyeshadows

As the weather is taking a colder turn, the autumn make up is beginning to come out and I thought I would crack out my darker looking eyeshadows. When autumn comes around, I normally go for eyeshadows that are dark such as dark purple or plum colours and bronze colours because they generally match the clothes that I am wearing. If you want to see what eyeshadows I will be rocking this autumn then here we go...

The first eyeshadow is a gel cream formula and comes from Maybelline and is their colour tattoo in the colour 'Metallic Pomegranate'. I mentioned this in a previous haul and I have been using this because it is a dark plum colour and is the perfect autumn love. This eyeshadow also contains a hint of sparkle which I also love.  

Next up is the L'oreal Colour Infaillble in 'Endless Chocolate' which is a dark brown colour and is great for creating the perfect smoky eye which I normally wear during autumn and winter. One thing I love about this eyeshadow is that it is a pressed pigment which means it is more intense and darker which I prefer for autumn.

Another eyeshadow that I mentioned in my previous haul was the MUA single eyeshadow in 'Copper' which is another autumn eyeshadow. I love using eyeshadow during the autumn eyeshadow because it is the perfect copper gold colour eyeshadow.

The last eyeshadow is my favourite and comes from Elf in the colour 'Raspberry Truffle'. I love using this eyeshadow because it is the perfect plum purple colour and contains a bit of glitter and shimmer which is totally allowed at this time of year due to us being near Christmas. 

That's all the eyeshadows that I will be rocking this autumn and these are just my picks and thoughts. I hope you found this post useful and helpful and gave you some ideas as to eyeshadow that you might want to try and wear during the autumn months. 

What eyeshadows will you be wearing this autumn?

Emily <3


  1. Great picks! I love wearing wine colored eyeshadows in the Fall too, I think it's so pretty in the crease or even just a hint on the lower lash line.

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

    1. wine coloured eyeshadows are my favourite! xx


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