Sunday, 19 October 2014

Best & Worst of MUA // Part 1

A couple of months back, I did a post about the best and worst products from Rimmel London and I thought that I would try the same for Make Up Academy which I often refer to as MUA. If you have never of MUA before, they are a UK based brand and are a budget make up brand. Their prices start from £1 and are often referred to as the UK version of Elf. Anyway over the last year or so, I have collected a range of different MUA products and I thought I would share with you my 'Best & Worst of MUA'. 

Best - Dusk Till Dawn & Ever After Matte Palettes 
One thing that MUA is well known for is their cheap but amazing palettes and of course being the eyeshadow lover I am, I have tried a few. I couldn't agree more with the bloggers and youtubers that love these palettes because they are amazing. The 'Ever After Matte Palette' is the perfect palette for people who just want to basic colours without the glitter and shine. The other palette I love is the 'Dusk Till Dawn' palette which is full of  shimmer shades and is perfect for a party or a night out. 

Best - Undressed & Undress Me Two Palettes
These palettes are two of the most popular palettes from MUA and this is because they are dupes of the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2. If I am honest, I don't feel the need to buy the actual Naked palettes because these ones from MUA are so good and give great colour pay off and pigmentation. They cost £4 each which is just unbelievable and worth a go!

Best - Undress Your Skin Foundation
I am not the biggest foundation wearer however this foundation is truly amazing. I love wearing this foundation because it is a very light coverage. This foundation really even outs the skin tone and makes my skin glow and look very healthy. I haven't found a foundation that is as good as this and to add to this, it only costs £5 which is amazing. However it doesn't come with a pump but if you can get past that it is such a good budget foundation. 

Best - Cream Blusher 'Dolly'
Before buying this, I hadn't ever thought about trying a cream blush but this one only cost £2 so I thought why not try one. Believe it or not, I actually love this blush. It has a cream to powder formula rather than cream to liquid formula. I personally prefer the cream to powder formula and this blusher is great and has the perfect everyday colour to it. It doesn't fade or slip off my oily skin which is great. 

Best - Powder Blusher 'Bonbon' & 'Candyfloss' 
Their powder blushers was just as good as their cream blushers. I am being honest when I say that I use these powder blushers almost everyday because they are so good. They have great colour pay off and only cost £1 each which is the bargain of the year. 

Worst - Bronzing Powder 
It's not that I don't enjoy using this bronzing powder because I do but I don't like the fact isn't fully matte and it does contain a bit of glitter. I personally don't like using bronzer with glitter in but other than that I like this bronzer. Another thing to add is that, this is the lightest shade they had and still is fairly dark. 

Worst - Eye Shadow Primer 
As a person with every oily eye lids, I tried to find the best drugstore eye primer around and this one didn't make the cut because it didn't make a difference to the eyeshadow and if anything it made it worse. However this product did just cost £1 so I can't really expect amazing results but it was still disappointing. 

I have decided due to the amount of products I own from MUA, to split this post into two. So don't miss part 2 of this Best and Worst of MUA. I hope you found this post useful and interesting and these are just my options on the products. 

Have you tried MUA before? What's your favourite item?

Emily <3  


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    1. thanks so much! it means the world to me :D xx

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