Thursday, 2 October 2014

Primark Haul // October

As I have recently moved to a new city, I thought I would visit the local Primark and as it goes I picked a couple of things. When I walked in a noticed that they had brought out their autumn clothing and I got very excited. Saying this I didn't really buy any autumn clothes but I picked a couple of things and I thought  I would share them with you...

The first I picked up was this black printed top because I felt that I needed another black top. However I do love the pattern and message and it is fairly long which is great because I can pair it with leggings and not worry. I picked this top in a size 10 and it cost £3 which is bargain. 

Yes I brought yet another top and this one happens to be grey. I don't know what possessed to buy this top but I thought it would look cute when worn with black leggings.Also I love New York City so of course that was a bonus. I brought this in a size 10 and it cost £3. 

As the weather is beginning to turn colder but not cold enough for coats, I decided I needed a cardigan. As I have moved out to university I forgot to bring a cardigan with me so when I found this cardigan I picked it up. This cardigan is light and so comfortable and I may live in it forever now. It cost £6 and is in a size 10.

If you know me, your know that I live in jumpers during autumn and winter and when I saw this jumper I fell in love with it. It's got white sleeves with a grey and black pictured on the front and my favourite bit is the love heart in pink. I thought this would look great with black jeans or leggings. This jumper cost £7 and I brought it in a size 6 which is still very big which is strange. 

Whenever I go into Primark I always pick up one of these nail polish twist pots. These are a cheaper version of the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover where by you stick your finger in the sponge and twist and the nail polish is gone. I love using this because it is so easy and quick and cost £1. 

Primark is one of those shops that sells the most random things but I was waiting in the worlds longest line to pay and I picked up this mug which has a mug on it and it very cute. I forgot to bring any bottles with me when I moved so I decided that I needed this mug. It cost £2.50 and is being used a lot so I guess it came in handy. 

The last thing I picked up was a set of fairly lights because I felt that my room needed fairly lights. These lights have stars on them and cost £3 and really brightens up my room and makes it look more roomy and makes me happy! 

That's everything I picked up during my trip to primark. I hope you enjoyed this post and gave you ideas as to what to buy if your ever wondering around a Primark. These are just my purchases and my thoughts and you may not be able to find these things in your local Primark. 

What have you recently picked up from Primark?

Emily <3 


  1. love the new york top and that mug is so cute too! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. That pug mug is so cute! I usually buy cardigans and pyjamas from Primark - I went to the Oxford Street store the other day and stocked up for the cooler months :) xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    1. I love buying cardigans from primark! they are the best :D xx

  3. Everyone needs fairy lights! I have a couple of strings of them hanging up in my house. Primark home section is great, especially at xmas, you can get some lovely cheap decorations.
    I really like the new york tee. I really need to get to primark now that there autumn stuff is in


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