Thursday, 13 November 2014

Autumn Fashion

If there is one thing I love apart from autumn make up it is autumn fashion. Because I love autumn fashion I have decided to create a post about my favourite autumn looks for this year. I often find inspiration for autumn fashion from Pinterest and I thought why not my favourite autumn looks with you...

The first outfit is a casual one and would be great for a day hanging out with the girls. I love the scarf and button up shirt and the darker coloured jeans. I also love the way that the hair is pulled back into a ponytail. 

The next outfit is my favourite and the most girly. I feel that this outfit would be a great outfit for a dinner date or coffee date. I love the dress and patterned tights because it gives it a girly feel and the boots give a autumn feel. The cardigan and scarf really tie the outfit together. 

I love this outfit for going to lectures and walking about university in. My favourite part of this outfit is the boots which are one of my favourites thing about fall. My other favourite part is the scarf because it gives the outfit a pop of bright colour.

Here is another casual outfit and I often wear this on warmer autumn days. I love pairing shorts and tights together because its a mix between summer and autumn and is a great transition piece. The jumpers and beanie give it an autumn feel.  

The last outfit is an outfit that I often wear and love to wear it when I'm shopping with friends. I love how the shirt goes with the skirt so well and the boots and tights keep you nice and cosy. The bag and beanie lie the whole outfit together. 

What's your favourite autumn fashion pieces?

Emily <3 

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