Sunday, 16 November 2014

November Primark Haul

I went to Primark the other day and I brought a couple of things which only means one thing. It's a Primark Haul! I love going to Primark but I don't love going around and around the store trying to see what they have in stock. Because of this, I do love reading and watching Primark Haul and I thought why not show you guys what I brought...

The first thing I brought was a shirt. You may have seen in my last Primark Haul that I brought a couple of shirts and for some reason, I do love buying shirts from Primark. Anyway, this shirt caught my eye because of the dark pink colour which is a perfect colour for Autumn and I also love the message that it says on their and cost £5. 

Yet another shirt. I told you I can't help myself. I brought this basic long sleeve white shirt because I don't own many long sleeve shirts and I thought this would be perfect for wearing underneath jumpers and cardigans. This basic shirt cost £3.50 which is fairly cheap. 

Next up is a knit jumper. I don't think I have ever brought any knitwear from Primark before however this jumper caught my eye. The colour which is described as peach really interested me and when I felt the jumper I couldn't believe how soft it was and it only cost £8. 

The actual reason I went to Primark was to find some trousers because I was sick of wearing legging and the same jeans over and over again. I was close to buying a pair of jeans when I saw these trousers. I'm not sure how to describe how these trousers because it is a mix between leggings and jeans. It's like a pair of thick leggings with more structure and pockets which I love and is the colour Wine and cost £10. 

The last thing I brought is a rather boring item but everyone needs socks and I often buy mine from Primark. I picked these socks up from the Gym and Workout section and they contain three pairs of socks and they looked cute and cost £1 which is such a bargain. 

And that's everything I brought from Primark. I hope this gave you some ideas of what Primark is currently stocking at the moment. These are just the items I found in my local Primark and they may not stock the same items in your Primark. 

Have you been to Primark Recently? What have you brought?

Emily <3


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