Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites

I can't believe it. I am writing my October Favourites which is crazy to me because it means Christmas is very near! I haven't really found many new products for the month of October because I have been so busy with University however I still have a couple of products that I have been loving. I have a mixture of hair, make up, tv shows and music for this month favourites so here we go...

Batiste Dry Shampoo 
First up is a hair product and comes from Batiste and is their dry shampoo in the scent in Tropical. I haven't really used dry shampoo much until I started my university where I become very lazy with washing hair. This is because I noticed that my hair had become more greasy and I heard Miss Budget Beauty raving about this dry shampoo so I thought why not try it. 

MUA Palette & Urban Decay Primer Potion 
I have a couple of eye products that I have been loving this month and the first one is the MUA Dusk Till Dawn Palette. I brought this palette a while back but never used it and then when I was looking though my make up and decided to try and use this palette and the next thing I know I have been using this palette for the whole month. I have talked about the Urban Decay Primer Potion loads and I have using it non stop this month. 

Nivea Lip Butter & Rimmel Compact Bronzing Powder 
I have one lip product that I have been using this month and that is the Nivea Lip Butter in Blueberry which smells amazing! I found this in Superdrug at the beginning of this month and I have fallen in love with it. Another product that I have brought and loved is the Rimmel Compact Bronzing Powder which is great because it is matte and contains no glitter or shimmer and is fairly light. 

Album of the month - Taylor Swift 1989 
The album that I have been loving and listening to non stop is the new Taylor Swift album 1989. Yes this album has a different sound from her other albums but I love it and is a great album to dance around to. Other songs I have been loving as well include Crazy, Stupid, Love by Cheryl, Ugly Heart by G.R.L, Glow by Ella Henderson and Heavily Broken by The Veronicas.

TV shows of Month - Gotham 
The TV show that I have been watching is Gotham and is truly amazing! It also helps that Ben McKenzie is the lead actor but it contains loads of Super heroes in the making and is just a great watch so check it out. Other shows I have also been enjoying include Revenge, Nashville and Gracepoint. 

I still can't get my head around the fact that October has gone and if you ask me it went by so quickly. Anyway I hope you enjoyed my favourites and that you have a wonderful October. 

What are you favourites from October?

Emily <3


  1. cant beat batiste dry shampoo x

    1. i can't live without my batiste :) xx

  2. I'm all about the dry shampoos. And I have also been loving Taylor Swift's new album. I've always loved her, especially her lyrics, and 1989 is no exception to that. :)

    - Aisling


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