Thursday, 6 November 2014

Simply Pure Cleansing Face Mask

If there is one thing that I love trying out its Face Masks and I recently brought the Simply Pure Cleansing Face Mask. I believe that this comes from an Superdrug own brand which is designed for sensitive skin. I wanted to try this face mask because it looked good and only cost £2.59 so I couldn't resist.

 The product itself has a thick texture to it and is a white colour. When it is applied, it goes on smoothly and then after a minute it begins to dry and does feel a bit weird and feels weirdly cool. I have to say that this mask smells funny but not a bad smell just a different smell.

However I do love this face mask because it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. It really cleanses my skin and leaves my skin looking healthy and brighter than before. Overall I feel that this Face Mask is worth a try and it is a cheap so I would recommend picking it up and giving it a go.

This face mask can be brought from Superdrug stores or on the Superdrug website - Link 

Have you tried this mask before? What did you think?

Emily <3 


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