Thursday, 27 November 2014

Travel Mini Essentials

I was meant to write this post a while ago however so many things have happened within the last couple of weeks and therefore I haven't found the time but don't fear as I have sat down to watch tv and decided now would be great to write it. Anyway, last week I went away for three days and brought a pile of travel minis and I thought why not show you them..

I may be going away but that doesn't meant I can't pamper myself and therefore I picked the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Treatment. I love this stuff however I didn't want to bring the massive bottle so I brought a little one and this stuff smells amazing.   

I also picked up this mini because it smells so good and I have never tried anything from this brand before and I thought why not try it. 

There isn't really any order to the products so up next is a conditioner. This is the TRESemme conditioner which I heard so much about but I have never tried it so I thought why not and this stuff is amazing and my hair has never been so soft.   

Yet another shower gel. I also brought this Sanex shower gel mini mainly because it is so small and cute and I just couldn't help myself. I love this shower gel because I have sensitive skin and this shower gel keeps my skin moisturised and feels smooth. 

The shampoo mini I picked up was the Head and Shoulder Shampoo because this is the only shampoo I can use without having dandruff due to my dry skin. I also loving this shampoo because it is refreshing as well. 

Everybody needs a body moisturiser and my one is the Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter. This stuff smells amazing and really moisturisers my body and this mini cost about £2.99 which is great and worth a try.   

The last product is the Soap and Glory Body Buff Scrub' Em and Leave' Em which is great. This body scrub gets rid of any dead skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. I actually love the smell of this and this is a salt scrub which I feel scrubs better. 

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What are your travel mini essentials?

Emily <3


  1. Great post! I love soap&glory minis, always with me when I travel.
    Followed :)
    Alice x

  2. Oh I didn't know you could mini Aussie products, they're my absolute favourites xx
    Gemma |

  3. nice selection :)

    and cute little blog too


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