Friday, 12 December 2014

Superdrug Vitamin E Leave On Mask

Another post about face masks! I do love a good face mask and this one is no different. I have recently started using the Vitamin E Cleanser and love it so when I was in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago, I thought why not pick up this leave on mask and give it a go. I have never tried a leave on mask before so this was a new experience for me and if you have never tried this mask you may find it weird when you first use it. 

As you may be able to tell from the picture above that the texture isn't like a normal mask but a strange jelly like texture instead. I'm not knocking the texture but if you don't like jelly textures this may not be the mask for you. 

I apply the mask by scooping a pea sized amount and then just spreading it across my face and then leaving it. It may seem weird to leave it on but after a while it begins to sink in and feels rather cooling. After 15 minutes you can either rub the rest of the mask into the skin or remove it with a cotton pad but I just normally leave it to fully sink in. I usually apply the mask about half an hour before bed so that my mask has basically sunk in. 

I love using this mask because it hydrates and moistures my face and also cools my face down. I use this as often as I want but generally I use it every other night and I also need to mention the smell of this mask because it smells like sunscreen which I like but others may not. 

Have you tried this mask before? What did you think?

Emily <3  


  1. I've never tired this before, might give it a go though x


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