Tuesday, 27 January 2015

January Drugstore Haul

I went into town with my mum the other day and walked into Superdrug and noticed that I haven't been make up shopping in ages so I went around shop picking up a couple of things. I personally just love walking around Superdrug and seeing what new products they have in stock and what products I would like to try. I generally shop in Superdrug over Boots where I live because I find that Superdrug has more Make up and and Beauty products than my Boots does. Anyway I thought why not share with you what products I picked up...

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'Vintage Plum' Leather Effect
I own four other colour tattoos and use them daily however when I was in Superdrug, I noticed that they had this leather effect colour tattoo. I don't if these are new to the UK but I had never seen them before and of course being the beauty blogger I am , I said to myself, I am getting this, purely for review reasons. One of the many excuses I use to buy more make up I don't need. Anyway, from first looks, it seems like a lovely dark smoky purple colour which I personally love, and I haven't had time to try it yet but expect a review very soon. 

Nivea Lip Butter 'Vanilla & Macadamia'
I own two other lip butters yet I still found the need to buy another one. I do actually have a reason for this. I often travel back and forth from University back home and I always forget to bring my lip butter  with me so I ended up buying another one to leave at home. I own the raspberry and blueberry one so I decided to try a new one and picked the Vanilla and Macadamia. This lip butter smells amazing and is very hydrating. These lip butters cost around £2-3 and are worth every penny. I love these lip butters and haven't found any other that compares for the same price.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine 'Rose Hip' & 'Guava'
My favourite drugstore nail polishes come from Barry M in their Gelly Hi Shine Range. They are so thick and shiny and last for weeks. I own many of the colours but because I am so excited for spring to roll around, I picked up a couple of colours that I feel may be suitable for spring. These colours were 'Rose Hip' which is a light baby pink colour and 'Guava' which is mix between mint green and blue. I have been thinking about getting 'Rose Hip' for a while but kept putting it off but in the end I gave in and brought it. It may look white from a far but trust me is a light baby pink. I love anything mint green so when I saw 'Guava' I fell in love with the blue and green tones it has and it went straight into my basket.

CoLab Dry Shampoo 'Rio' Extreme Volume 
A couple of months ago, I brought the normal CoLab dry shampoo in the scent 'New York' and have used it so much. It is great because it makes greasy hair look easier to deal with. I love how it doesn't leave white stuff in my hair either. Because of this, I picked up the Extreme Volume in the scent 'Rio'. I'm not sure whether it is a new addition to the range but my hair needs all the volume it can possibly get. I wanted this scent because Miss Budget Beauty raved about it and the packaging on the Extreme Volume looks amazing and very sleek. Hopefully I will be doing a full review on this soon so stay turned.

That is everything I popped into my basket while in Superdrug. These are just products that I fancied trying and hope that you found it interesting. If you guys have any suggestions of what products I should try next, please feel free to leave them in the comments and don't forget to follow me on twitter and bloglovin!

Have you tried these products before? What did you think of them?

Emily <3 


  1. Great haul, love the look of those nail varnishes!


  2. You got some great things, the nail varnishes are such pretty colours x


  3. I just tried and reviewed these nail polises and I'm absolutely in love! I really should try the brighter colours and the pastels, they look gorgeous :) nice haul x


  4. I really want to try these new Colab dry shampoos, I'm a huge fan of the original version! :) x



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