Thursday, 26 February 2015

February Favourites // 2015

February Favourites. I can't believe that February is almost over. I have to admit it hasn't be the fastest month but it has definitely been an eventful month. I haven't really been trying too many make up products this month but there has been an increase in the nail polish department. I have a mixture of nail polishes, make up, and a book thrown in as well...   

Sally Hansen Colourfast Tinit & Moisture Balm
I have been loving this tint balm. I haven't really found any good nude lip products until I tried this one. The Sally Hansen Colourfast Tint in 'Health Nut' is a dark nude colour and moisturises my lips. I have been using this lip product all month and almost everyday and it goes with every outfit and every make up look. If you can get your hands on it, I would seriously suggest it!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'Creamy Beige' 
If your read my January Favourites, you would have seen me rave about my love for the Colour Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze'. However my love for it has been replaced by a new one. 'Creamy Beige' is my new favourite. I found it in Superdrug and haven't stopped using it ever since. It is the perfect neutral everyday eyeshadow base. If I am having a natural make up day, I just wear it on its own but if I want to change it up, I'll lay it something else over it. Look out for a review coming soon! 

Barry M  G elly Hi-Shine 'Guava' 
I brought this nail polish back in January and it is fast becoming one of my all time favourites. I love mint green and this nail polish is the perfect mix between mint green and blue. I love wearing it because it matches jeans perfectly and is a statement colour. I have gotten a few comments about the colour and how pretty and almost mermaid-like it is.

Barry M  G elly Hi-Shine 'Rose Hip'
Another Barry M Nail Polish! I love the formula of these nail polishes and how thick and long lasting they are. 'Rose Hip' is a light baby pink colour and looks almost white from distance. I feel that this is the perfect spring colour and will be getting a lot of use during the spring and summer months coming up. 

  Rimmel Lasting Finish '501 Fancy A Dip'
I recently brought Fleurdeforce The Glam Guide book and I saw that Fleur was wearing a beautiful light blue colour on the cover. I remembered her talking about that colour from Rimmel so I walked down to Boots and decided to pick it up and give it a try. So far I really love it and so many people have commented on it and I even brought it for one of my friends because she liked it so much! 

Rimmel Lasting Finish '404 Ballet Pump Perfection'
I promise this is the last nail polish for this post. I wasn't set on buying this nail polish and haven't seen other bloggers talking about it. However I couldn't put it down when I picked it up in Tesco and there was something about the blue tones that shimmer through the pink colour. It is almost like the perfect princess pink colour. 

Fleurdeforce The Glam Guide
I am not one for buying blogger or YouTube products but when my favourite youtuber and blogger 'Fleurdeforce' released her book, I couldn't help but pop it into my shopping basket in Tesco. I love this book because it isn't just about Make Up but also Fashion, Fitness, Trends, Youtube., Blogging and Lifestyle. The book itself is written so well and even contains little tips to help you along the way and is worth a read!

The Detangler
My hair just seems to be in a big old knot all the time. I have heard so many bloggers raving about the Tangle Teaser but I just didn't think that it was worth spending £10 on a hair brush but I was shopping in Asda the other day and came across 'The Detangler'. It cost £6 and is the best brush ever. It doesn't rip my hair out and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. If you don't want to spend £10 on a brush, go to Asda and check out 'The Detangler'.

I hope you enjoyed my February Favourites and that you had a wonderful month! I can't actually believe that two months of 2015 has already pass! These are just my thoughts on the products and they may work differently for you. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter to stay update on all things Emilycouture95! 

What have been your February Favourites?

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Non Beauty Haul // Gym gear & Heels

The other day I went shopping with my mum because that's what we do and I picked up some items. However for once it wasn't anything to do with beauty which makes a change. I picked up a couple pairs of shoes and some gym gear. Now before we get started, I thought I would mention that I have joined the gym (typical blogger) and felt the need to go out and buy clothes for it. I thought I would share with you the items I brought...

The first thing I brought was actually something that I brought before Christmas but never got around to wearing them and writing about it so I thought heck why not include it. These heels were brought from New Look in the sale for £11 which is such a bargain. I was planning on wearing these on Christmas eve and Christmas Day but in the end, I worn a dress that didn't really suit these heels. However I worn them out for my sister's birthday dinner a couple of days ago and they looked so cute. I love how there is a cross over at the toes but still have support from the strap and the supported heel as well. The platform makes it easier to walk in and is going to perfect for those summer nights that I can't wait for. 

Yet another pair of shoes. I brought these a couple of days ago and I have fallen in love with them. They are from Matalan and are a light brown colour with a heel. Now I'm not really one for wearing heels however I do love to wear a pair of heels when I go out for dinner. However with these boots, I have worn them shopping, out to luinch, done food shopping and sightseeing and had no problem. They are honestly some of the comfortable heels ever and as a little person, this makes me very happy and I want to wear them everywhere!

I brought gym gear. Yes I repeat I have brought gym gear. I recently joined the gym along with every other person in the world who does during January and then it came to me that if I was going to go the gym, I would need gym gear. So when I was in Sports Direct the other day I picked up some. The first thing I picked up was these sport bras and they are in the coolest colours and patterns. I love the bright pink sports bar because it looks amazing under white tank tops. The black sports bar has a floral pattern and this gives it that girly look and I love it. I also brought a couple of running tops because I am trying to get back into running and of course I had to pick the brightest colours they have which I can't wait to try out at the gym. 

Don't you just love shopping?! These were the items that I picked up and I hope you found it interesting and that it given you ideas of what you can buy if your looking for heels or workout gear. These are just my thoughts about the products and were brought with my own money. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter!

What have you brought recently? 

Emily <3 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leather Effect 'Vintage Plum'

If you saw my recent drugstore haul, you may have seen that I brought the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leather Effect 'Vintage Plum'. I had heard a couple of bloggers talk about this leather effect colour tattoo but I thought it was just a US executive however when I spotted it in Superdrug, I didn't think twice before buying this. 

Even though it is a leather effect, this colour tattoo is like any other and comes in a little glass jar with a lip that needs to screwed on tight to avoid drying out. This colour tattoo is a gel cream eyeshadow consistently and claims to last 24 hours but I have never tried or tested this claim as I personally don't wear eyeshadow for that long but one thing to note is that I do wear an eyeshadow primer under this. A lot of people say that these eyeshadows are crease free but on me they seem to crease badly.  

I picked the shade 'Vintage Plum' because it was the one only in the store but also because one of my friends was raving about it and asked if I had tried it. I was also interested in the shade because it is a darker shade and I generally prefer to have a smoky darker eye than a neutral eye. Another reason which I will admit to is that this was a blogger induced purchase. I often find a product and say 'I'm buying this for reviewing on the blog' which of course is a terrible excuse.  

The product itself is a deep yet warm purple colour with a slight hint of taupe. From the photo below, you may be able to see that when it is applied to the skin, it becomes a dry and chalky texture which I guess gives it that leather effect look. 'Vintage Plum' is the ideal base to create a smoky eye and is the perfect dark smoky purple colour. 

Overall I would say this colour tattoo is perfect for the girls who love a good purple smoky eye but want something a little different and with a slightly different texture. If you are one for smoky purple eyes then I would recommend trying this out. These are just my thoughts on the product and they may work differently for you. I hope you found this review and first impressions interesting and don't to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

Have you tried this product before? What did you think?

Emily <3 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mini Beauty Haul // February

I often do my weekly food shop in Tesco and walk in with a plan of what I'm going to get and what I need. However, when I am walking out the store after my shop I notice that some beauty products have managed to sneak their way into my basket. I personally shop at a 'Tesco Extra' which is a bigger than normal Tesco and they have a range of beauty products and I can't help but get drawn in by. I thought heck why not share with you the few products that made it into my basket...

Nail Polishes are always something I love to buy even though, I have so many. My reason for picking up these two bottles is that I haven't really tried many Rimmel Nail Polishes and they were on sale as well. The shades I picked up were '501 Fancy A Dip' and '404 Ballet Pump Perfection'. I have been eyeing up Fancy a Dip which is a blue blue colour for a while and when I saw Fleur wearing it on her book cover, I picked it up. I couldn't help but pick Ballet Pump Perfection because it is a beautiful pink colour with blue undertones. 

One thing that I have been loving recently has been the Tesco Pro Formula Brand. I am currently trying their, facial wash and hot cloth cleanser but I spotted their Hydrating Face Mask and I picked it up to try. I have been feeling rather home sick for the last couple of days and I decided to treat myself to a pamper night tonight and I thought heck why not treat yourself to a mask. I have been battling with my skin recently and it feels dry so I thought a Hydrating Mask might do the trick. 

Mascara is one of those products that you are told to throw away after three months but yet cost so much more than other make up items. As you might know, I have used my Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara for months and got it back in August and have used nothing else since. I have been meaning to buy a new mascara but when I come around to buying it, I look at the price and think well maybe I don't need a mascara just yet. In the end, I picked up Maybelline The Falsies which is a favourite of mine. 

If there has been one product that everyone and their mother has been talking about, its the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyshadow Gel Pots. I heard Essiebutton talking about these in her videos and I thought I would try them. I love the Colour Tattoos by Maybelline but these are something else. When I swatched it, it was a mousse like texture which shocked me but after a couple of seconds, it dried to a nice finish. I'm not quite sure what to think upon first impressions but do expect a review soon. I picked up the shade '20 Copper' which I know doesn't look copper. 

That's all the product that slipped into my basket during my food shop. These are just my thoughts and they may work differently for you. I hope you found this post interesting and enjoyable. If you have any recommendations as to any drugstore products I should try in the further, let me know the comments.Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

What products have you picked up recently?

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Products Worth The Splurge

I do loving going into Boots and buying drugstore products, however every now and again, I do like treating myself to a bit of high end make up. However this decision isn't made lightly and often involves research and reading every review out there. As a university student, I don't own many high end make up products but the few I have are well worth the money and I thought why not share with you my top four products that are worth the splurge...

Mac 'Well Dressed' Blush 
This is a recent addition to my collection and is a Mac Blush in 'Well Dressed'. When I was asked by my mum what I wanted for Christmas, I thought that I would love to try some Mac products but I didn't know what I wanted. However I was watching Zoella's Make Up Collection, I saw her talk about this blush and how it was a classic. I read some reviews and decided this was the blush for me. I was right! I love this blush because it gives that perfect warmth to my cheeks and isn't over powering and is very pigmented but still gives a natural finish. Perfect!    

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
I have talked about this product so many times and even done a review but it is that good that I am including it in this. I don't what it is about this primer that makes it so good but it makes even the worst eyeshadows look half descent. At £16, it is not cheap but this tube has lasted me for a while and is now a staple and as soon as my one runs out, I will be buying a new one. Without this, I can't wear eyeshadow at all. Now this may sound over the top but my eyelids are so oily that nothing else works as well as this Primer Potion does.  

Mac 'Angel' Lipstick
Another recent addition to my collection and was again a Christmas present. Mac lipsticks is something that almost every youtuber and blogger have and I have always been interested in them. When I decided I wanted to try a lipstick from Mac, I asked one of my friends and she suggested Angel which is a pink 'you lips but better' colour. After she suggested it, I looked it up and read reviews and turns out, almost everyone has it and loves it so I thought why not. I truly treasure my Mac Lipstick and the quality is unlike anything else I have tried and if your considering trying your first ever Mac Lipsitck, then go for it! 

Stila 'In The Light' Palette 
If someone was to ask me, which high end palette I would recommend, I would say the Stila 'In The Light' Palette. The colours in the palette are perfect if you like a natural look like me. The ten colours that this palette includes are very pigmented and blend like a dream. This palette may be £25 but is slightly cheaper than other high end palettes out there and is just as good if not better. 

That's my four products worth spending the money for. These are just my thoughts and they may work differently for you. Some of these products were gifted to me by my family and I was very thankful and grateful for them. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter!

What products do you think are worth the splurge? 

Emily <3 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil 'Hot Chocolate'

I have been meaning to review this product for a while but some how it got lost however better late than never right? I felt like writing a review today and I thought why not review the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil 'Hot Chocolate' so that's what's happening. I brought this eyeshadow stick a while ago when I heard loads of other beauty bloggers talking about it and I picked one up in 'Hot Chocolate'  which is a dark brown colour with a touch of glitter to it. This eyeshadow stick cost £3.19 and can be brought from the link here.

There are some great positives about this product and one these things is that it is so easy to use. It doesn't require an eyeshadow brush or require you to find a clean brush which is normally an issue for me due to my laziness. This product is perfect for girls who are starting out in make up because it is easy to use and doesn't cause any extra eyeshadow to go flying everywhere or cause fall out which is great. 

There are so many brands out there that are producing these eyeshadow sticks and I have tried a few and I am going to be honest when I say the Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Stick isn't the greatest eyeshadow stick in the world for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that I have to drag this stick across my eye lid and I have to press down very hard and it isn't a pleasant experience to say the least. Another thing to note is that it doesn't blend as well but if your clever and can quickly blend eyeshadow then you shouldn't have this problem at all.

The packaging of this product isn't that bad however I do have a couple of issues with it. This product comes in a normal pencil type package however it doesn't have a twist up function which means that I do have to sharpen the pencil which can be time consuming at times. Another thing I have noticed is that the product often snaps off as shown in the above image. This has happened three times so far which means that I am losing more product than I am using. 

Overall  I would say that this product is good but is not the greatest eyeshadow on the market. However for the price, the pigmentation isn't bad and for all you ladies who are starting out in the beauty world, you can definitely give this a go. These are just my thoughts and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter!  

Have you tried this product before? What did you think?

Emily <3 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

It's that time of the year again, when all the love birds in the world get each other gifts and tell each other how much they love each other. In case you forgot that day is quickly coming around and if you have just noticed you haven't got your other half a present yet, then do not fear as I am here with a gift guide. However if your not in the relationship, you can still read this post because often valentine's day gift sets contain a lot of pretty pink gifts which I'm sure will be on sale soon! 

Soap & Glory Soaper Women Gift Set £15
In case you were wondering, almost everygirl loves Soap and Glory! Why ask you? Because of the heavenly smells and scents that their products have and the very cute packaging. Not only this but they have amazing gift sets. The Soaper Women Gift Set includes Form Call Shower & Bath Body Wash, Butter Yourself  Smoothing Body Cream and a suds-boosting body polisher. This is the perfect set for every girl who loves to have wonderful smelling body washes and creams it a very reasonable price. If you plan on buying you partner this set, you will need to run down to Boots to buy it. 

Yankee Candle 'Love Is In The Air' Gift Set £14.99
If your partner, loves candles then this is the gift set for you. This gift set contains 9 fragrances of Tart Wax Melts which include Red Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, True Rose, Fresh Cut Roses, Black Plum Blossom, Champaca Blossom, Lemon Lavender, Honey Blossom and Pink Hibiscus. I would like to warn you that these gift set is only really only people who already have a Wax Tart Burner. However if they don't have a wax tart burner, I would also recommend any of the candle jars which are amazing and don't forget that they have that some amazing scents!

Nail Polish - OPI, Essie, Ciate 
If they don't like soaps or candles then what about Nail Polishes? There are so many different nail polishes on the market and it really depends on the person. If they are a beauty addict like myself, then they might love to receive a Essie or OPI nail polishes which are of great quality and last such a long time and have some many different colours and shade. If your partner loves the highest types of nail polishes, then Ciate might be the way follow. However if your budget is slightly tighter than that, I would recommend the Barry M Jelly Hi-Shine Nail Polishes which is just as great and are half the price. 

The Body Shop 'Sweetheart' Gift Set' £17
If there is one shop I love to go and have a smell in, it would be The Body Shop. I loving going around and smelling the different types of scents. However if your thinking about getting your partner a nice Body Shop set I would say to try this set. It includes a Strawberry Shower Gel, Body Butter, Lip Butter and Eau De Toilette. A Strawberry loving person would treasure this gift set and cost £17 which is a great price. I also love the name of gift set and is a perfect gift set. 

Lush 'Lots of Love' Gift Set £36.95
Everyvgirl loves Lush and if you have every walked by a Lush Shop, you will have noticed the amount of the girls and women crowded into the very small shop. If your partner loves, to go Lush and then this Gift Set could be a winner. Although the set costs £36.59 which isn't cheap, it does contain Bubble bars, shower gels, bath bombs, soaps and massage bars. This gift set would last a girl for months and let me you that Lush products are amazing and worth every penny. 

Have you decided on what to get your partner yet? I hope you found it interesting. If you are going to spend Valentine's Day Curled up in bed with some popcorn and a movie like me then you can still go and buy these gifts for your family, friends or just for yourself. Go on, treat yourself! These are just my ideas and there are many different gifts out there. Remember to be different and put down the flowers and chocolates and go run to Boots, Lush, The Yankee Shop or The Body shop! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter! 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? 

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valetine's Day Outfit Ideas

Going out for Valentine's Day on Saturday but haven't decided what to wear? Well I thought I would try and help you out by having a look though some of my favourite online websites and picking out some outfits which may be great for Valentine's Day plans. However if your a single pringle like myself then you could wear these outfits out with your friends or family which is what I am planning on doing. I have picked mainly dresses but I did throw in a few jumpsuits and playsuits for those girls who just don't wear dresses. I was more drawn towards the girly outfits but enjoy... 

If any of these outfits ticked your box and you really want to wear it, then click on the picture and your wish is complete. Don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourselves and just remember you don't have to sit in bed feeling sorry for yourself because your not the only one without a Valentine. I hope you found this post useful and helpful. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? 

Emily <3

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