Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mini Beauty Haul // February

I often do my weekly food shop in Tesco and walk in with a plan of what I'm going to get and what I need. However, when I am walking out the store after my shop I notice that some beauty products have managed to sneak their way into my basket. I personally shop at a 'Tesco Extra' which is a bigger than normal Tesco and they have a range of beauty products and I can't help but get drawn in by. I thought heck why not share with you the few products that made it into my basket...

Nail Polishes are always something I love to buy even though, I have so many. My reason for picking up these two bottles is that I haven't really tried many Rimmel Nail Polishes and they were on sale as well. The shades I picked up were '501 Fancy A Dip' and '404 Ballet Pump Perfection'. I have been eyeing up Fancy a Dip which is a blue blue colour for a while and when I saw Fleur wearing it on her book cover, I picked it up. I couldn't help but pick Ballet Pump Perfection because it is a beautiful pink colour with blue undertones. 

One thing that I have been loving recently has been the Tesco Pro Formula Brand. I am currently trying their, facial wash and hot cloth cleanser but I spotted their Hydrating Face Mask and I picked it up to try. I have been feeling rather home sick for the last couple of days and I decided to treat myself to a pamper night tonight and I thought heck why not treat yourself to a mask. I have been battling with my skin recently and it feels dry so I thought a Hydrating Mask might do the trick. 

Mascara is one of those products that you are told to throw away after three months but yet cost so much more than other make up items. As you might know, I have used my Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara for months and got it back in August and have used nothing else since. I have been meaning to buy a new mascara but when I come around to buying it, I look at the price and think well maybe I don't need a mascara just yet. In the end, I picked up Maybelline The Falsies which is a favourite of mine. 

If there has been one product that everyone and their mother has been talking about, its the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyshadow Gel Pots. I heard Essiebutton talking about these in her videos and I thought I would try them. I love the Colour Tattoos by Maybelline but these are something else. When I swatched it, it was a mousse like texture which shocked me but after a couple of seconds, it dried to a nice finish. I'm not quite sure what to think upon first impressions but do expect a review soon. I picked up the shade '20 Copper' which I know doesn't look copper. 

That's all the product that slipped into my basket during my food shop. These are just my thoughts and they may work differently for you. I hope you found this post interesting and enjoyable. If you have any recommendations as to any drugstore products I should try in the further, let me know the comments.Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

What products have you picked up recently?

Emily <3 


  1. I bought Ballet Pump Perfection the other week, it's mentioned in my Superdrug Haul post, it's such a lovely colour, I think you'll get on with it well!
    Great post.

    Meme xx

    New Post out now:
    'The I Quit Sugar Hairy Dieters Recipe Books'

  2. those gel pots sound so lovely, also i love the nail colours youve chosen theyre so perfect for spring! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. I can't wait to try the gel pots :D xx

  3. The excess shimmer looks gorgeous. I really want to get my hands on some! lovely haul you have x

    han // emandhan xo

  4. I love rimmel polishes, the brushes are so good. I think the Max Factor cream shadows are much better than the colour tattoos, I have this shade - you're right it is SO not copper, but it is a perfect every day base shade I love it!

    1. hahaha i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks its not copper! xx

  5. I have the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara too! It's okay in my opinion, nothing incredibly and I found that it sheds a lot. But I'm glad you enjoy it though :)

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

    1. its a shame that it doesn't work for everyone!


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