Sunday, 29 March 2015

Max Factor Excess Shimmer 'Copper'

A couple weeks ago, I spotted this product in Tesco and I decided to try it out. You may have seen it a previous haul and it is the Max Factor Excess Shimmer in 'Copper'. This is totally a blogger purchase and the main reason for buying this creamy eyeshadow was to review. However it turns out I really love it and I love it even more when that happens.    

The packaging is very similar to the Colour Tattoo by Maybelline as it comes in a glass pot with a lid. I would say the only different is that the Max Factor one is slightly taller and thiner rather than larger and shorter. I think the packaging is a great choice for a creamy eyeshadow but the fact that it is slightly taller than most other eyeshadow products makes it harder to store if you have acrylic drawers like me. 

Although the product is a called 'Copper' it isn't copper at it. I would say it is more like a frosted bronze colour and very similar to Maybelline's On and On Bronze. However the Max Factor Excess Shimmer feels lighter and more liquidly. I would describe it as almost whipped cream mousse like texture. When I first swatched it, I got a shock because of how creamy it was and I was unsure of the lasting power. After a few minutes, I soon learnt that it dries to a matte finish but still comes off with make up remover easily. 

I didn't need to worry about this lasting power because it is amazing. I normally always apply the Urban Decay Primer Potion before applying any other eyeshadow product regardless. But the other day for some reason I was in a rush and skipped the primer and went straight to the Excess Shimmer Cream Eyeshadow and I didn't noticed this until I was on the Bus into town. At this point I panicked but when I arrived back five hours later, I noticed that the Creamy Eyeshadow hadn't moved a bit. That's right, something stayed on my oily eyelids without a primer! Amazing!

If you suffer from oily eye lids like me  then I would seriously suggest you check these creamy eyeshadow pots out. I don't normally like everything about a certain product but this one is different and I can't seem to the find a problem with it and I am sure it will be around in my daily make up bag for months to come.

Have you tried this product before? What did you think?

Emily <3 


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