Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sleek 'Oh So Special' Palette

When you think about drugstore palettes, people normally think Make Up Revolution or Make Up Academy. However one of my favourite brands for producing eyeshadow palettes has to be Sleek. About a year ago, I brought two eyeshadow palettes and a blush palette and haven't looked back since. If you are a regularly reader of this blog (thank you!) then you might know that I also recently brought some of their single blushers because I love them so much. I'm sure you can see from this that I really love Sleek as a company but especially their 'Oh So Special Palette'.

The Sleek Palettes are as the name would suggest, very sleek and come in sleek black packaging with a massive mirror which I personally love. The palette comes with 12 different shades some of which are matte and some are shimmery. I actually use the shimmery and glittery ones more than the matte ones but I think that this is just me and my decision and my need to be glittery. Moving on from that fact, I love this palette because it often a wide range of shades from a light pink perfect for highlighting to a black shade which is perfect for using as black liner.  

(Top Row Right to Left: Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate)

I need to say sorry about the poor quality of these swatches but my camera just wasn't focusing and I couldn't figure out why but I really wanted to include some swatches so I used my iphone. The Photo above shows the swatches from the top row of the palette and although you may only be able to tell five swatches there are actually six but Bow, which is a very light almost white colour wouldn't show up when I tried swatching it. However as you can see the pigmentation is amazing and my favourite shades from the top row include Organza, Gift Basket and Glitz.  

(Bottom Row Right to Left: Pamper, Gateau, The mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up , Noir)

As you may you be able to see, the matte shades have very good pigmentation as well as the shimmers. My favourite shades from the bottom row include Gateau, The Mail, Bored and Wrapped Up. I don't ever really use Noir as I prefer to use a liquid liner. I have to admit that these eyeshadows are very pigmented as previously stated but are also buttery and very blend-able. When I pick a palette to take with me on holiday or trip, I almost always turn to this one because the shade range is so big and the quality is so great but yet doesn't cost a lot either. 

Overall I would say this is a perfect palette for those who are starting out in Make Up and Beauty but want something more than the Make Up Revolution palettes and something that looks sleek and is of great quality. These are just my thoughts and this palette may work differently for you and don't forget to stay updated on this blog by following me on bloglovin and twitter!

Have you tried this palette before? What did you think about it?

Emily <3  


  1. Such a beautiful palette, I love Sleek cosmetics x | Giveaway

  2. Sleek products are some of my all time favourites, they are such good quality. The colours in this palette look great, Iam in love with the shade 'gateau'.

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion

    1. the quality is amazing for the cost! :D xx

  3. The top row of colours are beautiful! :) Rebecca | xx

  4. I love this palette so much, their eyeshadows are just beautiful xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I do really love this palette :) xx

  5. love all the colours :)

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