Sunday, 12 April 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #2

I have to admit that I have had a pretty good week this week. I had a wonderful Easter Holiday and I ate my whole body weight in chocolate Easter eggs. I'm currently on a break from University and living back at home which feels great. No need to do my own washing or cook my own food. Doesn't that sound like heaven? Anyway here are ten things which have made my week one of the best...

1. Being Surrounded By Family 
Living back at home means spending quality time with my family which I love! I have had some amazing days out with the family and they make me laugh and can always manage to put a smile on my face. I have a massive family so there is always something going on!

2. Easter Chocolate 
I have finally finished my last Easter egg! I have enjoyed having a continuous stock of chocolate lying around but my diet most certainly hasn't. Now all the chocolate is in my tummy, I am trying to get back on the healthy clean eating plan and not just eating anything in front of me. 

3. Family Walks in the Countryside 
Some of my favourite moments from this week are the family walks. As I live in a place surrounded by countryside, my family are forever outside walking around and finding new places. I personally love packing a sandwich and grabbing a map and just walking. 

4. Reuniting With Old Friends 
As I moved out to University, I left behind a set of great friends and I am sad to say I am bad at keeping in touch but I made the effort to meet up with them and had an enjoyable pub lunch. Onion rings, Chips and the whole lot. Yeah about that diet. 

5. Chinese Take Away 
As I am writing this, I am waiting for my Chinese take away order to arrive. At university, I don't normally have the money for a take away but as it is a Saturday nightand there is nothing in the fridge, take away is the only choice really. Right?! I can't wait for the prawn toast to come. 

6. Buying Deliciously Ella 
After seeing ViviannaDoesMakeup talk about this book weekly, I thought it had to be amazing so I picked it up on a sneaky trip to Tesco. I am trying to eat healthy so I thought this book may help me along the way and I have already seen the sweet potato brownies and they look amazing!  

7. The Sunny Days 
If you live in the UK you will have hopefully experienced the amazing weather from this past week. I have loved the sunny warm days! Because of this I cracked out the sunglasses, skater dresses, sandals and flip flops and it feels amazing. Also I have to add that the ice cream van came round! 

8. Watching The Best of Me 
I can't believe that I didn't watch this earlier! I read the book of this movie before hand but I still ended up in an emotional wreak at the end anyway. If you love a good romantic movie than I would suggest this however I would strongly recommend that you have a couple of tissue boxes near by or on hand because it will break your heart.   

9. Discovering New Blogs
I have discovered a couple of amazing blogs over the last  week and they are inspiring me to make my blog better and better. Gymbags and Gladrags is one of my new favourites and is very inspiring for me as I am trying to be healthy. I also love Emtalks which I found through Couture Girl.

10. Charity Shops 
One thing that me and mum love to do is charity shopping and when we are together we normally go about finding bargains. I am happy to say that I have found a couple of different bargains which include a couple of summer dresses I can't wait to wear!    

What has made you happy this week?

Emily <3


  1. I just love reading posts like this, makes you appreciate what you have :)

    Family and Friends are just everything !

    With love, Hayley x


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