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Exam Revision Tips

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As exams are quickly approaching and everyone is desperately trying to cram in as much revision and information as they can, I thought why not look back at my days of GCSE and A Levels and see what tips I can often. I remember the exam time as stressful and to be honest a time I would rather forget but exams is someone that everyone has to face so here are my tips to success...

Plan a Timetable 
Ok I have to admit that I am an organise freak and when I was taking exams, I created a timetable which included all of my subjects. By creating a timetable, you ensure that you are spending time on each subject rather than just focusing on one. If your as crazy as me, you can even add different areas within the subject to the timetable so you know what areas you are studying. Make the timetable colourful and eye catching. 

Include breaks 
Leading on from my previous tip, when creating a timetable include breaks. This could be a ten minute break to grab a drink and a piece of fruit or to stretch your legs. However you don't need to include a two hour break because that will just demotivate you further. Including break will allow you to re focus and continue to study. 

Find a Revision Style
I am sure you have been told this before but not everyone suits the same revision style. I am personally a visual learner and I love to have cue cards and have answers written on the other side and often learn best when I picture it. However everyone learns differently so try different styles and find out which one is best your you. This process may take time but believe me, it will make the revision process more effective. 

Go to the Gym 
You may be wondering what in the world, this has to do with revision but it kind of links to taking breaks. When I get stressed out or fed up, I go to the gym. Getting out and exercising to your favourite playlist is a great way to work off stress and steam. You may think this is time wasting, but after you come back from the gym, you will feel more focused and ready to power through. 

Have the Correct Environment 
The environment you are in can effect your revision process. If you are sitting in bed in your PJs, you are less lightly you take in anything, whereas if you get up have a shower, eat, and sit a table you are in a better environment. By all means, be comfortable but don't study in bed because you will just fall asleep believe me. 

If you have exams coming up, I hope these tips have been useful and helpful. These are just my tips which I have found through experience but they may not work for everyone and I am not an expert. If your in the middle of your revision then keep going and power though and good luck for the exams. You can do it! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

Have you got any exam revision tips?  

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  1. These are great tips !! I am so lucky I don't do exams ☺


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