Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Best Scented Products

There are several things which cause me to buy a product. Obviously I always check reviews online to see what others think of it but there are other things which often draw me towards the product such as packaging, design but also smell. I don't really know what it is about a nice smelling product, but I personally don't like using products that smell funny or off. Therefore I thought I would try a different type of post about the products which have the best scent...

I have talked so much about this powder before but the smell is just too good not to include. The Bourjois Healthy Balance powder is amazing and keeps me matte however the main thing I like about it, is the fruity scent which it gives off. I love wearing it because it makes me smell fruity for most of the day but isn't too over powering. If you are one for fruity scents rather than powdery scents, I would suggest you try this.  

The Collection Cream Puff is a moisturising lip cream which applies like a lipgloss and dries to a matte finish. I personally love wearing this lip product because it is a long wearing and has a heavenly smell to it. I would describe the scent as a vanilla milkshake which reminds me of my childhood. I haven't found a make up product that smells as good as this. If your into vanilla smelling lip products, this is the one for you. 

The only other product which compares to the Collection Cream Puff is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick. I own the product is the shade 'nudist' which I use all the time. It is basically a lip gloss in stick form which has vanilla and strawberry scent to it. It is a very sweet scent which isn't to everyone's taste but I do have a sweet tooth and I often  apply this product for the sake of the smell. 

The final product also happens to be another Bourjois one. This is the classic Bousjois Bronzer which is famous for looking and smelling like chocolate. However I don't think that it actually smells like chocolate but rather like sunscreen. I know that the sunscreen scent is not to everyone's taste but I personally like the smell of sunscreen because it reminds me of my childhood and the summers by the beach. 

Those were my best scented product. These are just my products and my thoughts and of course not every product smells the same. I hope you found this post interesting and useful. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

What are your favourite scented products?

Emily <3 


  1. My fave is the choclate bronzer! I love mine! :)<3

  2. Haha I have never used the bronzer but thats so funny that is smells like sunscreen! I would never expect that from looking at it x


    1. It is so odd but I guess everyone smells differently :) xx

  3. Those are some great products! I love the two lip products :)
    -Jenna <3
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  4. The scent of the Bourjois bronzer is amazing :) this is such a good idea for a post! x


  5. Great post! I've been meaning to buy the Bourjois bronzer after smelling it in the store! It's amazing. Ordering one right now ♥


  6. Love the scent of the Bourjois bronzer!

  7. Ah i love the scent of the Soap & Glory gloss sticks, they smell amazing! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. I got that Bourgois bronzer too and I am loving it ! (wearing it today )

    nice post.



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