Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 Blog Post Ideas


You know when writers block strikes and you just can't seem to write a blog post regardless of how many times you try? I seem to get writers block more often than not but after a break, the juices begin to flow again and I'm on my way. However there are some days when writers block just won't go away and that's when I turn towards my back up list of ideas. I created a list of ideas when they came to me and they come in handy and I thought for this post I would share 5 ideas that I use when the block strikes...

1. Wishlists
Whether it be beauty or fashion, wishlists are one of my backup posts. My personal favourite wishlists come from Asos.com. You could even do a high-end or drugstore wishlist. Why not share your favourite picks from your favourite store?

2. Best & Worst 
Another simple idea which can be used for a couple of different posts. You could do a best and worst of a brand from the high street or the best and worst of a certain type of product such as foundations. Just go through your make up collection and pick up the best and worst. Easy! 

3. Favourite Nail Polishes 
I love to talk about nail polishes so much and you can too. Share your favourite nail polishes from this season such as spring or summer nail polishes. You could even go a one step further by talking about nail art if your good at it. You could also compare high end and drugstore and talk about different brands. 

4. Top 10 Under 10 
Another post which can be used over and over again. You could do a top 10 under 10 for a range of products such as foundations, lipsticks, concealer, bronzers, blushers, eyeshadow palettes, eye liners and mascaras. Why not create a face of make up for under £10?

5. Outfit / Face of the Day
This is one of the easiest posts to do and take minutes to create. Take a photo of your current outfit or your make up face. Talk about what clothes or products your wearing or take a picture of an outfit for a special  event.

Are those blog writing juices beginning to flow again? I really hope that you found this post useful and that you have a idea of what to write now. These are just my thoughts and options and there are many different ideas you could use. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter!

Have you got any tips for writers block? What are they?

Emily <3 


  1. I'm always getting bloggers block so this post was so helpful, thanks!
    I love your blog btw- followed on Bloglovin

  2. Great ideas, I'm definitely going to do the top 10 under 10 one sometime soon! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

  3. fantastic ideas! the "top 10 under 10" sounds really cool, thanks for sharing!
    Emma xx

    1. I'm glad it was useful and helpful! :) xx


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