Sunday, 3 May 2015

Spring Essentials | Beauty & Fashion

The fact that Spring is finally here is very exciting. One thing I love about the change in season is the change in make up and fashion that comes with it. I personally love Spring as it is a signal that summer is slowly but surely coming. As a celebration of Spring, I thought I would share my Spring Essentials with you. These essentials include nail polishes, lipsticks, skincare and fashion...

Nail Polishes 
During spring I love to rock brighter colours as well as pastel shades. During the winter months, I only ever wear darker shades such as Purple or Black but as soon as the Sun pops out I crack out my pastel shades. Something makes me so happy to have colour on my nails and pastels are perfect for Spring and one of my favourites is Rimmel 'Fancy a Dip? Bright colours are my other favorite nail polishes during spring as they add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull outfit. My personal choices include Barry M 'Papaya', OPI 'Too Hot Pink To Hold Em', Relvon 'Up The Ante' and Nicole OPI 'Jade in the Shade'. 

Lip Products 
Another Spring Essential for me are lip products. Throughout the winter months, I normally rock a neutral or dark lip colour. However during Spring I try to adventure into colours. This often involves different shades of pink. I feel that Spring is the perfect time to rock a light pink lip as this also brightens the outfit and refreshes your make up. My spring lip products include the Collection Cream Puff 'Fairy Cake', Rimmel Kate Moss '28', Revlon 'Strawberry Shortcake' and Natural Collection 'Pink Mallow'. 

Spring Fashion Items 
As well as make up items, fashion also changes which is equally as exciting. During the winter months, I live in Jeans, Leggings and nothing else. I hardly ever crack out my skirts or dresses so when Spring rolls around, I try my best to peel myself away from Jeans and Leggings. One of my favourite items to wear is Kimonos. They are perfect for throwing over shorts and dresses when the temperature drops a little. My personal favourites come from New Look and Primark. Other spring items include Jumpsuits and Skater Dresses as well as Sandals and Wedges. 

Alot of people think that once the temperature rises, you don't need to moisturise but they are wrong. If anything it is just as important to moisturise and take care of your skin during Spring. Because I wear more dresses and skirts during these months, I find it more vital to scrub, especially on the legs which are more exposed. My scrub of choice comes from Soap and Glory in the Sugar Crush Scent. Along with scrubbing comes moisturising which is equally as important. The Body Shop Body Butters are amazing at hydrating the skin. 

And those were my Spring Essentials. I hope you have found this post useful and helpful. These are just my thoughts and options and these products and ideas may work differently for you. Hopefully this post has helped you switch up your beauty an fashion items to make them more spring appropriate. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

What are your Spring Essentials? 

Emily <3 


  1. I love Barry M nail polishes, they have some amazing shades for spring :) this particular one looks gorgeous x

    1. Barry M have such great nail polish! :) xx


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