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Blog Photography | My Tips & Tricks

If I look back through my old posts and compare them to my newer posts, one massive difference would be my photography skills. When I first started blogging, I wasn't sure how to take photos and I am still no expert but I have learnt helpful tricks along the way. I feel that photography is a very important part of a blog because often photos can be more powerful than words and they are generally the thing that attracts me to a blog in the first place. Trust me I know that photography doesn't come naturally to everyone and without information or knowing how to work a camera, it can be overwhelming so I thought I would share my points and tricks.

Camera & Equipment 
A lot of people have a false impression about needing a fancy camera with a matching fancy lens. This couldn't be further from the reality. You don't need to have a camera that cost hundreds of pounds. In fact I started off by using my mum's iphone as a camera and for a while it worked. From there I upgraded to the Canon IXUS 132 Digital Camera which cost around £70. This camera is small and compact and is perfect for taking photos of food in restaurants. However for the last couple of months I have been using the Pentax K-50 DSLR Camera which I am currently borrowing off my brother. In terms of equipment I only use a 18-55 mm lens which came with the camera but I would like to state that you don't need a big fancy camera with loads of buttons to be a successful blogger.

Stock Photos 
Using stock photos can be seen as lazy by some people but not everyone agrees. I personally love taking my own photos as it makes the blog post more personal and allows you to be in full control of the quality. By taking your own photos you can see if they are actually using the product and what the packaging really looks like. Another thing to note if your thinking about  using stock photos is that they are small which means when you resize it, it often becomes fuzzy and pixlated. However saying this, stock photos popped together into a cute collage can create a great wish list. Of course if your talking about products which have yet to be released, then stock photos can't be avoided. Some people hate them, some people love them, the choice is yours.

Focus & Background 
Two things that can make a world of difference to photos is Focus and Background. Being in focus is so important because out of focus photos is an instant turn off as it make me feel like I should be having my eyes checked because I can't see clearly. I adore photos that are in focus because it enables me to see the detail and makes it look crisp. If you have a 'Macro' option try it as it allows you to focus on products up close. When it comes to backgrounds, there are so many to pick from including bedspreads, desks, books, pillow cases, tablet and laptop cases as well as plates and dishes and items of clothes. If I am ever in doubt, I grab a piece of plain white paper and use it as a background.

Angles & Composition 
When it comes to angles and composition of a photo, I really struggle. I love taking photos and experimenting with different angles but I often find it hard to be creative. However one way I ensure that I find the right angle is by taking hundreds of photos and then selecting the perfect few and deleting or storing the other ones. Don't forget to think about the amount of product you have in shot and how much of the background you have in frame as well. The focal point should be the product rather than the background. I always try to remember to be aware of the space around the product and focus on the product.

People who don't take photos regularly may not understand the pain that us bloggers go through in terms of lighting. It isn't just a case of using a standard room lighting. Where possible I try to use natural light as it shows the true colours of the product while being clear and crisp. If your like me and live in the UK where the sun often hides away in the clouds then this can be an issue. That's where studio lightening can be useful. I personally don't use or own studio lighting as I have a couple of massive windows which I use. One tip if your taking photos by a window is not to take the photo into the light but rather away from the light. I feel lighting is all about trial and error really!

One thing that I get asked about is how I edit my photos. I never used to edit my photos as I didn't know how to and it looked like a waste of time. It is safe to say that my view has now changed. Almost all of the time, I use Picmonkey which is an online photo editing website. I don't do anything fancy other than cropping, resizing and changing the brightness. I also use this website to create collages and to put text over photos. Ipiccy is another great online editing website which I personally use to create collages for wishlists. They are so many different and wonderful editing websites and pieces of software so just see which one you prefer. Once you have found one which suits you and you are comfortable with, you can really start to get fancy with your editing skills!

I really hope that these tips and hints were helpful and please don't feel like you have to follow these tips as these are just my opinions and thoughts and they may not work for everyone. Don't forget to have fun with your photography and enjoy it. 

What are your tips and tricks when it comes to blog photography? 

Emily <3 


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  2. Great tips, the hardest thing about taking photos is definitely the lighting!

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  3. Great tips! I like the look of your camera xx

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  4. Such a good post, definitely taught me some new tips! x


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