Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Favourites // 2015

The end of the month means only one thing and that's monthly favourites time. I have been trying out a lot of new make up products this month and therefore I haven't got many products which I used continuously for a whole month but I have a collected a couple of products to talk about. These include some skincare and make up products and of course nail polishes.

My first favourite for the month is a skincare item. I brought the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser in 'Cocoa Radiant' at the start of July and haven't stopped using it since. As the temperature has been higher during July, I don't enjoy walking around the house waiting for a thick and heavy body butter to soak in. Because of this, I have been using the Vaseline Moisturiser which is fast absorbing and smells like chocolate.

One make up product that I have been loving this month is the L'oreal Glam Bronzer in '06'. I have picked up a couple of different bronzers to try out and one that I have used non stop is from L'oreal. This bronzer has a matte finish with a hint of shimmer to it and creates a bronzed healthy glow. This bronzer is very pigmented and a little goes along way. If your looking for a drugstore bronzer, I would recommend trying this one.

A blusher that I loved using, is the Sleek Blusher in 'Rose Gold'. I brought this blusher back at the beginning of the year and used it almost everyday and then forgot about it. However, I recently pulled it out of my make up collection and started using it again. I don't know why I stopped using it in the first place because it is beautiful and stunning. This blusher gives off this flushed rosy cheeks look and it is perfect for the summer time.

The lipstick of choice comes from Topshop and is bright pink. I am generally a person who stays away from bright lipsticks as I don't feel that confident or comfortable wearing them. However, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to try out my brighter lipsticks. The Topshop Lipstick in 'Brighten Rock' is my favourite bright pink lipstick and is very long lasting and actually suits me. If your scared of trying bright lipsticks, give them a go and you won't regret it!

I am a nail polish addict and can't help but buy more and more. I love wearing the Barry M Sunset Nail Polish in 'Peach For The Stars' which as the name suggests is a peachy shade perfect for the summer. I also pair this nail polish with the Barry M Sunset Topcoat which creates a shiny and long lasting finish. The other nail polish I have worn is a nail polish from Rimmel in 'No Tan Lines Here'. This is a coral shade that is similar to the Barry M one but no girl can ever have too many nail polishes right?

What are your July Favourites?

Emily <3

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What's In My Holiday Make Up Bag?

A holiday wouldn't be complete without a post about my holiday make up bag. I am a person who likes to bring as much make up as possible and then doesn't end up using half of the products. Because of this, I have tried my best to scale down the amount of products I have packed and to think about what I will actually need and use.

The make up bag I am currently using is personalised and is from and can be brought here. I own many different make up bags but I recently purchased this bag as I felt that I needed a slightly bigger make up bag which would be able to fit my palettes in and this one is perfect for me.

First up is make up brushes and I never seen to be able to scale down the amount I bring. For face brushes, I have got the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for my tinted moisturiser and a Superdrug Blusher and Powder Brush. I have also got Superdrug Eye Blending Brushes as well as a Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio.

In terms of bases, I have picked the Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream in 'Natural'. I personally don't wear heavy foundations when I am on holiday so I have decided to bring a lighter base. However I have chosen to bring two different powders. The Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder in 'Natural Fair' is the powder I use when I want to avoid looking shiny and oily. The Maybelline Superstay 24 hour Waterproof Powder in 'Nude' is the powder I wear when I want a more dewy finish.

The bronzer that is coming with me is the L'oreal Glam Bronzer in '06' which is a matte bronzer that contains a slight amount of shimmer in it. I have been using this bronzer for the last couple of weeks and I really like the way it gives a natural bronzed look so it seems perfect for a holiday. This product is also very compact and great for travelling with.

I am a massive fan of blushers and if I could I would bring every blusher I own but instead I have picked a palette. The Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in 'Hot Spice' is the palette I am bringing which contains mostly coral and peachy toned blushers as well as two high lightening shades. My other blusher is the Rimmel Stay Blushed in 'Pop of Pink' which is a liquid cheek tint in a bright pink shade.

My favourite primer is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and is coming on holiday with me. I haven't found a primer as good as this one as it keeps the eyeshadow in place all day and is a holiday must have for me. The other eyeshadow is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' which is a blogger classic. I love using this for days when I am too lazy to apply any other eyeshadow.

When it comes to travelling, I always go for eyeshadow palettes as they save space and allow me to have more choice of shades as well. I have picked the Make Up Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow Palette in 'Flawless' which includes 32 different shades and I am very excited to try out this palette. The other palette is more high end and is the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette which contains six neutral matte shades.

I have decided to bring three different liners with me as I always wear eyeliner. I have picked the Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide On Eye Pencil in 'Lush' as it creates a natural eye look and doesn't move once I have applied the liner and is the perfect brown shade. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 'Bronze' is my other favourite which pairs perfectly with a bronzed eye look. I also put in the Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Liner if I want to create a heavier eye look for a dinner.

The Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Flared Mascara is my main mascara as it gives volume and length to my lashes and is long lasting. I have always enjoyed this mascara and it is the only one I have used for the last couple of months. However I have also picked my Mac False Lashes Extreme Black which is a tester sample and is a perfect size for travelling with.

Lip products is something that I find quite hard to scale down on and ended up with four products. I have decided to bring the Mac Lipstick in 'Impassioned' which is a bright pink colour and is perfect for a summer holiday. I also chose the Topshop Lipstick in 'Brighten Rock' which is another bright pink colour but it slightly long lasting. A more pink toned product is the Miners Moisture Effect Lipstick in 'English Rose'. The last product is the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in 'Nudist' which is a more natural shade.

What do you bring with you on holiday?

Emily <3

Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Holiday Essentials & Must Haves

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I am currently on holiday. I have pre written this post and I thought I would write about my holiday essentials and must haves. I don't know about you, but I love packing and it really excites me to run around and grab everything that I need. However I am a massive over packer so I have come up with a couple of my holiday essentials and must haves.

Dry Shampoo is a must have for me. When I go on holiday, I try my best to limit the amount of times I wash my hair which means dry shampoo is essential. I find that giving my hair a break from washing it everyday really helps to refresh and stops it from breaking off so quickly. My personal favourite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in 'Tropical' as it stops my hair from becoming oily and a greasy hair ball.

Another holiday must have is a sunscreen. I got burnt last week during a day out with the family so I am going to be covered from head to toe in sunscreen but I do sometimes have a reaction to some types of sunscreen and therefore I use the Nivea Sun Moisturising Lotion SPF 30. This type of sun lotion really hydrates my skin and doesn't leave it feeling greasy or sticky but rather moisturised.

In terms of skincare, there are a couple of products which always travel with me. The Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Moisture Cream in SFP 30 is my moisturiser and I have talked about this a lot but it is worth a try. It may sound odd that a face mask is an travel essential but my face always benefits from a deep cleanse as I am not as strict on my skincare routine when on holiday and I love using the Simple Deep Cleansing Facial Mask.  Make up wipes are equally as important on those nights where you just can't be bothered with a five step skincare routine. I personally use the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes as they are gentle and get the job done.

I know that not everyone likes to use a body butter during the summer or on holiday but I find that my skin becomes drier and a normal moisturiser doesn't cut it. Therefore I bring  The Body Shop Body Butter in 'Strawberry' which smells like a strawberry heaven. I don't normally bring a full size body butter but instead I like to pick up one of there mini body butters which are a perfect size for travelling.

My last holiday essential is a hand sanitizer and I always need to have one. A lot of people talk about and use the Soap & Glory hand sanitizer but I find the scent is overwhelming. Because of this, I use the Carex Aloe Vera Hand Gel which I find refreshing and hydrates and is non sticky or greasy. I also find this hand gel gentle on my hand and smells fresh and new.

What are your holiday essentials & must haves?

Emily <3

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ways To Save Money In Fashion & Beauty

I love having and buying new clothes, shoes, handbags and make up but I also like saving my money so you can see where my problem comes in. This problem became worse once I went to University as I had to buy food, books, bedroom decorations and kitchenware. Very exciting stuff I know. Because of this, I have figured out a few ways to save a couple of pounds here and there and I am still able to treat myself every once in a while.

Discounted Make Up Stores 
If I am in the mood to try out a couple of new make up products but don't want to splash out, I always try to find make up products in discounted shops. I love browsing through the make up items in one pound shops as well as poundland. I also buy products from Fragrance Direct as they have a massive range at a discounted price which include high end as well as drugstore items.

Charity Shops 
I love spending time going through different charity shops and searching for hidden gems. I personally love finding different and unique dresses as well as picking up plain shirts for a couple of pounds. There are so many different types of charity shops which don't just contain clothes but shoes and handbags as well as books and dvds. This may seem weird buying other peoples old clothes but there are so many amazing secret finds that you couldn't get anywhere else.

Bargain Bins & Boxs
When I am doing my weekly food shop, I love to have a sneaky peek into the bargain box or shelves to see if there are any discounted make up or skincare items. I often find discounted nail polishes in these bargain bins which I pick up. Superdrug and Boots also have bargain areas which I always look through and there are often broken eyeshadows quads that can be fixed as well as skincare products.

Outlet Stores & Centres 
Where I live, there is an outlet shopping village near me and I love finding bargains. There are always clothing items which have been discounted due to a fault in the design like a broken zipper. I normally purchase candles at an outlet store as they are often half the price or even more. Try searching for any outlet shops near you and check them out.

Special Offers 
If there is one thing that makes me smile its a good deal or special offer. Boots always have 3 for 2 offers on Soap & Glory and Simple Skincare which I always take advantage of. Superdrug sometimes have 3 for 2 across all make up products. Try looking for special offers when your next in Boots or Superdrug and have a search for promotion codes when shopping online.

Research Before Hand 
The last  tip I have is to research and read reviews before buying something. I always spend hours reading about a product or item before purchasing it particularly if it is a pricey item. I looked at so many lipstick swatches before picking a Mac Lipstick to buy and this worked well as I brought a lipstick that suits me perfectly. Try comparing prices on different websites and in different shops to get the cheapest price.

What are your tips for saving money?

Emily <3

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Beginners Guide To Skincare

There are so many different skincare products lining the shelves of the Supermarket, Boots and Superdrug these days and it is often confusing and overwhelming. I never knew what products or items I needed or even how to create a skincare routine. However over the last year I have figured out a couple of tips so I thought I would share with you my beginners guide to skincare.

Know Your Skin Type 
This has to be one of the most important tips and one that took me a while to understand. There are different products for different skin types. Whether it be for oily, dry or combination skin, there are products for everyone's skin type. I personally have combination skin which contains dry and oily areas on the face. There isn't really a correct or right way to find out your skin type but just keep an eye on your skin to see whether your skin becomes shiny, dry or a bit of both.

Find Out About The Products 
I'm sure your have heard of a number of different products which are involved in a skincare routine but you don't really need all of them. Think about the products you believe your skin will benefit from and what your skin needs and requires. Don't forget to read the ingredients and is equally as important to check which skin type the product is aimed at. I try to avoid products which are for dry skin and normally go for the items which are designed for sensitive skin as they are normally gentle on the skin.

Stick To A Daily Routine 
When I first started with skincare, I failed at keeping a daily routine as I claimed that I didn't have enough time. This was because I created a massive routine and that's when I downsized it completely. I use a cleansing water to remove the make up on a cotton pad before going in with a cleansing balm to clean the skin and remove any extra make up still left. After this I grab my toner and pop some on a cotton pad and swirl it around my face. Once this is complete, I gently apply eye cream around my eyes before then apply my moisturiser.

Try A Weekly Routine 
In the beginning, a daily routine may be hard enough to maintain so a weekly routine may seem silly and pointless. However once you have got the hang of your daily routine, why not create a simple weekly routine. Once a week, why not try using a facial scrub, face masks, body butters and lip butters. You only need to use these products once every one to two weeks and they help you to maintain a hydrated and healthy looking skin.

What are your skincare tips & tricks?

Emily <3

Sunday, 19 July 2015

High End Beauty Haul & First Impressions

As I have finally got off my backside and got myself a job, I have been purchasing some more luxurious and high end beauty products. However I wasn't planning on buying this many products, I promise. I'm going to blame it on the fact that the most of these items were on sale and I am terrible at resisting a bargain. I have purchased a couple of products from Urban Decay, Mac and Clarins and I thought I would share my first impressions with you.

First up is a blogger classic and it comes from Mac. Believe it or not, I didn't own any Mac Eyeshadows but I had always wanted to and when I finally saved up the money, I did some research to find out which shade I wanted. In the end I picked up the Mac Eyeshadow in 'All That Glitters'. I have to say that my first impressions of this eyeshadow is that it's very pigmented and blends perfectly. However I would suggest using an eye primer underneath it as it makes it more intense and it creates a great natural all over the lid shade.

I wasn't planning on purchasing another mac item but Fragrance Direct were selling Mac products at a discounted price. I couldn't help myself and ended up picking another lipstick. After doing some research I purchased a Mac Lipstick in 'Impassioned'. When it arrived, I was shocked by the bright colour but once I applied it to my lips, I fell in love. On first impressions, I would say the lipstick has a very opaque coverage as well as being moisturising and long lasting.

Next up I purchased a couple of Urban Decay products. I have wanted to try the famous Eye liners from this brand for a while as they have such a big hype in the blogging world. When I saw that were having a sale on there products, I couldn't stop myself. I picked up the Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide On Eye Pencil in 'Lush'. This pencil is a dark brown colour but when I tried it for the first time, I noticed a lot of fall out which was disappointing. However after a couple of more tries, it isn't creating as much fall out and does create a dark consistent line.

The other Urban Decay item is a palette which is equally as popular. I noticed that a palette I had been looking at for a while was on sale when I checked on and I am so weak that I couldn't resist buying it. The Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette is my newest addition to my ever growing palette collection. I wasn't sure if I would get much use out of it but I was very wrong. I love using this palette because on first impressions the eyeshadows are very buttery and blend into the lid to create a natural eye look.

The last product was a bit of a impulse buy but I couldn't help myself. I decided to treat myself to the Clarins Blush Prodige in 'Sunset Coral'. I spotted this blusher on Fragrance Direct at a discounted price and I loved the look of it and it had some great reviews. I have to mention that the packaging is stunning, gorgeous and luxurious. This blush contains two shades which I normally swirl together to create the perfect blusher and bronzer blend. When I first tried this blusher, I found it very pigmented and long lasting and created a lovely healthy glow.

What do you think of these products?

Emily <3

Thursday, 16 July 2015

10 Ways To Brighten Up Your Day

I don't know about you but there are just some days when I can't help feeling sorry for myself. Whether it be because of friendship, relationship or family drama or something that happened at work, sometimes I just need a day to cheer myself up and get myself out of the pity party. This can take some time to achieve but I have come up with a list of ideas to help along the way.

Get Up At A Reasonable Time - If I'm feeling down and in the dumps, lying in bed all day makes me feel worse because I feel like I haven't achieved anything and have wasted a day. I like to drag myself out of bed by 9.30am the latest. Once your up, grab your favourite scented cleanser and use it.

Shower With Your Most Luxurious Shower Gel - Sounds odd but it really helps. I love to use a shower gel from The Body Shop as they smell heavenly and feel luxurious when they are being used. If your not a shower person, try making yourself a bubble bath and light some candles.

Apply Your Favourite Make Up Products - If I'm having a me day, I will often go for a lighter more natural look but its up to you. I love to wear my favourite bright pink lipstick as it makes me feel happy and you can do the same, Pick out your favourite make up products and apply them to the face.

Style Your Hair - Another thing which may sound odd but is rather effective. If you leave your hair untouched it can make your feel worse so why not curl or straighten it. Not got enough time or energy, try a quick side braid or a high ponytail. Style it how you want it to look.

Throw On Comfortable Clothes - Most people like to reach for sweatpants when they are feeling down, but I love to wear maxi dresses or skirts. This may sound weird but it makes me feel better if I look stylish and I find maxi dresses super comfortable as well. Try it seriously!

Tidy Your Surroundings - Ever heard the saying tidy room, tidy mind. Tidy your room by picking up those clothes sitting on the floor, and organise your make up area or vanity. I find that tidying helps me feel better as I am no longer sitting in a massive mess.

Eat & Exercise - Grab some healthy snacks such as fruit, sweet potato fries or a mango smoothie. Junk food will only make you feel worse in the long run. Most people aren't in the mood for exercise when in this state, so why not crack out your yoga mat and try a relaxing yoga video.

Blast Your Favourite Albums - One thing that really perks me up, is dancing around my room to my favourite albums. I love to create throwback playlists and I normally pick one of these playlists and blast it while I'm getting ready in the morning or when I need a moment to myself.

Create a List & Goals - Writing down a list of things that I need to complete is a great way of figuring out what I need to do. Creating and writing goals is a great way to find some direction and have an idea of where I want to go and what I hope to achieve. This could be a change in diet, fitness or health.

Online Shopping & Painting Nails - Online shopping is something that I turn to when I'm not feeling in the right head space. I have recently been buying a couple of beauty products which always cheers me up. Another thing I love to do is painting my nails and always brightens up my day and hands.

What do you do to brighten up your day?

Emily <3

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Budget Beauty Heroes

I am a drugstore beauty girl at heart and love a good beauty bargain as a student on a budget. There are so many different budget beauty products lining the shelf's of Superdrug and Boots and some aren't the greatest but others are heroes. As a beauty blogger, I have tried my fair share of products and I felt like sharing my budget beauty heroes with you.

One thing that I struggle to find at the drugstore is a powder that controls oil and is long lasting as well. A lot of people talk about the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder but it didn't work for me as it didn't reduce shine. However one powder that I like is the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder. This powder is unlike any others I have ever tried as it leaves my face completely matte for the whole day and isn't too heavy or powdery.

Finding a bronzer that doesn't contain large amounts of shimmer and glitter at an affordable price can be tricky but the Rimmel Bronzing Compact Powder in 'Light Matte' is a great option. In this range of bronzing powders, there are matte as well as shimmer and come in different shades. I hadn't heard much about these bronzers but I can't recommend them more. They aren't orange or glittery and give a healthy sun kissed glow and are such a bargain.

There are so many great budget blushers which are of great quality and I own many of them. However one brand that creates great quality blushers at an affordable price is Make Up Revolution. Their single blushers are so pigmented but my personal favourite is the Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in'Sugar and Spice'. This palette contains eight different shades six of which are matte blushers and two highlighter shades and only cost £6. The pigmentation is unbelievable and blends into the skin perfectly.

In terms of cream eyeshadows, you can't go wrong with Maybelline Colour Tattoos. Everyone loves the shade of 'On & On Bronze' and I'm a massive fan as well. However my new favourite happens to be the Maybelline Leather Effect in 'Creamy Beige'. This cream eyeshadow is the perfect everyday natural eye product. There is something so pretty about the natural look it gives and evens out the skin tone and is great as a base.

My favourite single powder eyeshadow happens to be the Make Up Academy Eyeshadow in 'Copper'. I love a good copper eyeshadow and this one is very pigmented and only costs £1. I can't find anything to fault about this eyeshadow as it is long lasting, pigmented and blends very well. I would highly recommend this eyeshadow if your a copper eyeshadow fan like me!

One brand that I always go back to when it comes to eyeliner is Rimmel.  They do amazing pencil eye liners but I have a special place for the Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro-Eyeliner. This is the first liner that I ever brought and worked perfectly for me as it allowed me to experiment with black liquid liner. If you want to try using a liquid liner, this is perfect for you as it comes in a pen form and is super easy to use.

The last product also comes from Rimmel and is a lipstick. One product that this brand is famous for is the Kate Moss Lipstick Collection. They are very affordable and are such great quality with a massive range of colours to pick from. However my favourite lipstick is the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in '16'. This is a pink shade with a hint of coral and peach to it and I love to wear it during the sping and summer months.

What are your budget beauty heroes?

Emily <3

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Tips To Having A Productive Week

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One thing I am trying to work on is my productivity during the week as I have started a new part time job. I am generally an organised person and like to plan ahead but by the time it comes to Friday I am very tired and less productive. Because of this, I have come up with a couple of tips to have a fully productive week starting from Monday.

Write a 'To-Do' List 
One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is write a 'to do' list for the week ahead. I write down a list of tasks that need to be completed which includes any small annoying tasks such as picking up the clothes from the floor or cleaning out the fridge. I find that including these little tasks really helps to make me feel more productive and gets me ticking off the tasks from the list. I always remember to create a box to tick off by the task because there is something so great about ticking off boxs!

Meal Planning 
If your a busy person during the week, I would highly recommend meal planning. When I lived at home, I never saw the point in meal planning, but since moving out meal planning has been a life saver. Knowing what meals you are going to have can really save time in the long run and if I know I am going to be running late, I will prepare the vegetables before hand. Meal planning also makes food shopping so much easier.

Create a Schedule 
To get the most out of your week, you need to create a schedule for yourself. I love to use my diary to write down the jobs and tasks for each day. These include my work hours, blog posts, blog photography tasks as well as food shopping. My current diary is from WH Smith and can be brought here. By creating a schedule, I know what and when I have to complete the tasks and makes it easier and more simple to see the tasks and the days.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals 
I find setting realistic goals hard to do as I like to think that I can complete every single task by the end of the week. However this isn't really realistic and it has taken me a while to learn this. I try to set myself goals which are realistic and achievable such as taking blog photos for the next couple of posts. Doing this allows me to edit the photos and write the post later in the week.

Prioritize Your Tasks 
Prioritizing your tasks is a great way to ensure that you are making the most of your time and allows you to get the important tasks such as food shopping completed first. I prefer to prioritize the tasks by placing the most important tasks at the top of my list. By prioritizing the them, you are completing the tasks which are essential and urgent and this allows you to focus on the job at hand.

What are your tips to having a productive week?

Emily <3

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Five Great Products Under £5

Recently I had a clear out of my make up collection and found some great drugstore products which are very affordable as well as being great in quality. I personally love shopping in Boots and Superdrug as there are so many different make up and skincare products that are just as good as high end items. I thought I would share with you five great products which have an affordable price tag.

Starting off with a blusher. I am a massive fan of blushers and own more than I could ever need but one blusher that I love to use is the Sleek Blusher 'Rose Gold'. More often than not, affordable blushers are not very pigmented but the Sleek Blushers are different. The pigmentation of this blusher is unbelievable and doesn't contain any glitter which I prefer during the summer. The look of the blusher is stunning with gold laced into the pink coral shade. At only £4.49 you can't go wrong.

Next up is a pencil eye liner. During the summer I love using pencil eye liners and no one does liners better than Rimmel. I reach for the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Liner in 'Bronze' on a daily basis and with good reason. This eye liner is very long lasting and is waterproof and therefore doesn't move from your eye until you remove it with make up remover. I feel that the shade 'Bronze' is the perfect everyday colour and gives a natural look and only cost £3.39.

Staying on the subject of eyes, there are some amazing eyeshadow palettes which are very popular. I have to admit that most of my eyeshadow palettes come from the drugstore but one that stands out as a bargain is the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette. I had never tried a Collection Eyeshadow before but this palette is one of the best in the drugstore. The eyeshadows are very buttery and pigmented and blend like a dream. I love using all of the shades as they contain bronze tones and cost £3.99 which is a complete bargain.

Moving onto skincare and moisturisers. I recently purchased the Vaseline Spray and Go Body Moisturiser in 'Cocoa Radiant' and is my current 'go to' moisturiser. I used to use the Soap and Glory Body Butters but during the summer they become heavy and sticky so I have turned to the Vaseline Spray and Go. I love this moisturiser as it feels cooling on the skin and absorbs into the skin so quickly and leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and smelling heavenly and cost £4.99.

Lastly is a lip butter. I am being honest when I say that I am terrible when it comes to looking after my lips and often forget to moisturise them. However when I remember to apply something to my lips, I reach for the Nivea Lip Butter in 'Vanilla & Macadamia'. I love using the Nivea Lip Butters and own three different scents of them because they are so good. I normally apply the lip butter before I go to sleep so it has time to sink into my lips without it comes off and at £2 it is worth a try.

What are your favourite affordable beauty products?

Emily <3

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Better Night's Sleep | Tips & Tricks

I'm sure you have heard the expression that everyone needs their beauty sleep and people always say that you should get around eight hours of sleep per night but this is easier said than done. I am a massive fan of sleep and can often be found sleeping whenever I have a free moment. However I sometimes get nights where sleep just seems impossible and that's where I have come up with a few ways to give myself a better night's sleep.

Perform a Yoga Routine 
Before you laugh, the routine doesn't need to be hard or intense but rather relaxing and calming. If I am ever stressed out I love to perform a calming yoga routine which brings my heart rate down and clears my mind. Relaxing Yoga Routines can be ideal if you find it hard to switch off at night as it allows you to focus on your heart beat and breath which causes you to relax and clears your mind.

Relax & Pamper
If Yoga really isn't your thing, why not try a pamper session with your favourite products. I find that treating yourself, watching tv and reading magazines really helps to take my mind off any problems or issues I have. I feel that once I have released myself of any negativity, I am calmer, more relaxed and more likely to fall asleep quicker.

Create a Night Time Routine 
One thing that made a huge differennce to my sleep pattern is my night time routine. I created a simple night time routine which consists of switching off my laptop at eight o'clock and kicking back and watching tv and reading a book. I normally remove my make up and pop on my PJs early in the evening as its comfortable and allows me to unwind and chill out.

Wake Up With Daylight 
I have very thin curtains which means that when the sun rises, the day light comes flooding in. I used to hate this and always moaned about it but recently, I have been making the most of it. I really enjoy slowly waking up with the daylight as it is a graduate wake up call. At first it can feel strange and odd but now I love waking up with the light and it really puts me in a happy mood.

What are your tips and tricks for a better night's sleep?

Emily <3

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Weekend Pamper Essentials

One thing that never fails to get me through a long week at work is a weekend pamper session. I'm a massive fan of pamper nights and normally have at least one per week. I just feel that everyone needs some time to treat themselves and feel good. As a beauty addict, there are many different products that I use and it can sometimes be overwhelming if your not as beauty crazy as me, so I thought  I would give you a break down of the products.

Body Lotion & Scrubs 
In terms of products used on your body, I often use shower gels, body scrubs and body lotions. I don't know if this is odd but I use a different shower gel when I am having a pamper night as I prefer to use a more luxurious one. My personal favourite is The Body Shop 'Mango' as the smell is heavenly and makes me feel more luxurious. One of my favourite things to use during a pamper night is body scrubs and specifically Soap & Glory Scrubs. At the moment, I am loving the Soap and Glory Body Buff as I feel that salt scrubs work better with my skin type. Once I have scrubbed and washed, I hop out the shower and lather myself in body butters. The Soap & Glory Righteous Butter is my current choice because it moisturises and hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft.

Hair masks & Treatments
As well as body products, hair products are also used and very well loved. Some people don't bother with extra hair products and I didn't for a long time but recently my hair has been a bit worst for wear. The Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer is my must have hair product and I have talked about it time after time. The smell and texture it gives my hair is amazing and makes it look so sleek. I also like to use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner if my hair is very dry as it gives my hair a deep treatment. The Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Spray is used after I have showered as it strengthens my hair.

Face Scrubs & Masks 
While in the shower, I also reach for my face scrub. I don't own many face scrubs as I have sensitive skin but I do like to use the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub as it is refreshing and sensitive. However my main face scrub is the Osiris Apricot Facial Scrub which can be brought from Tesco for £1. I love the smell of this scrub and it is rather smooth and soft which works well with my skin. Face masks are life savers when it comes to dry and spotty skin and I never fail to use them. My number one mask is the Simple Deep Cleansing Mask which leaves my skin smooth, soft and very healthy looking. If you prefer peel off masks, I would recommend the Simple Pure Cleansing Face Mask. I reach for the Superdrug Vitamin E Leave On Moisture Mask when I have dry and dehydrated skin.

Hands & Feet
Some people forget about the feet and hands but they are just as important as any other part. I like to use an intensive hand cream and paint my nails. The hand cream of choice at the moment is The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream which is greasy free and smells amazing. A pamper session is never complete without nail polishes and I am loving mint green on my hands for the summer. For my feet I only use the Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream as it moisturises and softens my feet like nothing else I have tried.

What are your weekend pamper essentials?

Emily <3

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