Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Beginners Guide To Skincare

There are so many different skincare products lining the shelves of the Supermarket, Boots and Superdrug these days and it is often confusing and overwhelming. I never knew what products or items I needed or even how to create a skincare routine. However over the last year I have figured out a couple of tips so I thought I would share with you my beginners guide to skincare.

Know Your Skin Type 
This has to be one of the most important tips and one that took me a while to understand. There are different products for different skin types. Whether it be for oily, dry or combination skin, there are products for everyone's skin type. I personally have combination skin which contains dry and oily areas on the face. There isn't really a correct or right way to find out your skin type but just keep an eye on your skin to see whether your skin becomes shiny, dry or a bit of both.

Find Out About The Products 
I'm sure your have heard of a number of different products which are involved in a skincare routine but you don't really need all of them. Think about the products you believe your skin will benefit from and what your skin needs and requires. Don't forget to read the ingredients and is equally as important to check which skin type the product is aimed at. I try to avoid products which are for dry skin and normally go for the items which are designed for sensitive skin as they are normally gentle on the skin.

Stick To A Daily Routine 
When I first started with skincare, I failed at keeping a daily routine as I claimed that I didn't have enough time. This was because I created a massive routine and that's when I downsized it completely. I use a cleansing water to remove the make up on a cotton pad before going in with a cleansing balm to clean the skin and remove any extra make up still left. After this I grab my toner and pop some on a cotton pad and swirl it around my face. Once this is complete, I gently apply eye cream around my eyes before then apply my moisturiser.

Try A Weekly Routine 
In the beginning, a daily routine may be hard enough to maintain so a weekly routine may seem silly and pointless. However once you have got the hang of your daily routine, why not create a simple weekly routine. Once a week, why not try using a facial scrub, face masks, body butters and lip butters. You only need to use these products once every one to two weeks and they help you to maintain a hydrated and healthy looking skin.

What are your skincare tips & tricks?

Emily <3


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