Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Favourites // 2015

The end of the month means only one thing and that's monthly favourites time. I have been trying out a lot of new make up products this month and therefore I haven't got many products which I used continuously for a whole month but I have a collected a couple of products to talk about. These include some skincare and make up products and of course nail polishes.

My first favourite for the month is a skincare item. I brought the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser in 'Cocoa Radiant' at the start of July and haven't stopped using it since. As the temperature has been higher during July, I don't enjoy walking around the house waiting for a thick and heavy body butter to soak in. Because of this, I have been using the Vaseline Moisturiser which is fast absorbing and smells like chocolate.

One make up product that I have been loving this month is the L'oreal Glam Bronzer in '06'. I have picked up a couple of different bronzers to try out and one that I have used non stop is from L'oreal. This bronzer has a matte finish with a hint of shimmer to it and creates a bronzed healthy glow. This bronzer is very pigmented and a little goes along way. If your looking for a drugstore bronzer, I would recommend trying this one.

A blusher that I loved using, is the Sleek Blusher in 'Rose Gold'. I brought this blusher back at the beginning of the year and used it almost everyday and then forgot about it. However, I recently pulled it out of my make up collection and started using it again. I don't know why I stopped using it in the first place because it is beautiful and stunning. This blusher gives off this flushed rosy cheeks look and it is perfect for the summer time.

The lipstick of choice comes from Topshop and is bright pink. I am generally a person who stays away from bright lipsticks as I don't feel that confident or comfortable wearing them. However, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to try out my brighter lipsticks. The Topshop Lipstick in 'Brighten Rock' is my favourite bright pink lipstick and is very long lasting and actually suits me. If your scared of trying bright lipsticks, give them a go and you won't regret it!

I am a nail polish addict and can't help but buy more and more. I love wearing the Barry M Sunset Nail Polish in 'Peach For The Stars' which as the name suggests is a peachy shade perfect for the summer. I also pair this nail polish with the Barry M Sunset Topcoat which creates a shiny and long lasting finish. The other nail polish I have worn is a nail polish from Rimmel in 'No Tan Lines Here'. This is a coral shade that is similar to the Barry M one but no girl can ever have too many nail polishes right?

What are your July Favourites?

Emily <3


  1. Such a good favourites post! The blush looks so beautiful, especially with a tan I can imagine.


    1. It really is a beautiful blush :) xx

  2. I'm in love with those nail polish shades! x

  3. I love your favourites! I just did a end of months favourites on my blog if you would like to check it out? I love this blog :) xx


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