Sunday, 12 July 2015

Tips To Having A Productive Week

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One thing I am trying to work on is my productivity during the week as I have started a new part time job. I am generally an organised person and like to plan ahead but by the time it comes to Friday I am very tired and less productive. Because of this, I have come up with a couple of tips to have a fully productive week starting from Monday.

Write a 'To-Do' List 
One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is write a 'to do' list for the week ahead. I write down a list of tasks that need to be completed which includes any small annoying tasks such as picking up the clothes from the floor or cleaning out the fridge. I find that including these little tasks really helps to make me feel more productive and gets me ticking off the tasks from the list. I always remember to create a box to tick off by the task because there is something so great about ticking off boxs!

Meal Planning 
If your a busy person during the week, I would highly recommend meal planning. When I lived at home, I never saw the point in meal planning, but since moving out meal planning has been a life saver. Knowing what meals you are going to have can really save time in the long run and if I know I am going to be running late, I will prepare the vegetables before hand. Meal planning also makes food shopping so much easier.

Create a Schedule 
To get the most out of your week, you need to create a schedule for yourself. I love to use my diary to write down the jobs and tasks for each day. These include my work hours, blog posts, blog photography tasks as well as food shopping. My current diary is from WH Smith and can be brought here. By creating a schedule, I know what and when I have to complete the tasks and makes it easier and more simple to see the tasks and the days.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals 
I find setting realistic goals hard to do as I like to think that I can complete every single task by the end of the week. However this isn't really realistic and it has taken me a while to learn this. I try to set myself goals which are realistic and achievable such as taking blog photos for the next couple of posts. Doing this allows me to edit the photos and write the post later in the week.

Prioritize Your Tasks 
Prioritizing your tasks is a great way to ensure that you are making the most of your time and allows you to get the important tasks such as food shopping completed first. I prefer to prioritize the tasks by placing the most important tasks at the top of my list. By prioritizing the them, you are completing the tasks which are essential and urgent and this allows you to focus on the job at hand.

What are your tips to having a productive week?

Emily <3


  1. Love this post I've been feeling very lazy this past month since it's summer break. Thanks for sharing:) Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


  2. I am all about writing to-do lists and setting weekly, even daily goals! I loved reading this blog post, and it really made me feel productive for a Monday morning.:)


  3. I feel like I need to start doing some of these I never really find myself motivated but definitely need to start doing more! x

  4. Just stumbled onto your blog and so glad I did! Love it!!! And love this post, to-do lists are the best (it makes me so, so excited to cross stuff off! :P)


  5. This is a really great list of things to do! I had to do this in university and since I studied biology and I worked a lot at my job I had little time to waste and to wonder what I was going to do next. List of things to do and have them written down are the best thing I can suggest for anyone who is busy!

    Heba xx || The Heba

  6. Great post

  7. Great tips! I think lists really do make for a more productive day,thanks for sharing :) x


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