Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ways To Save Money In Fashion & Beauty

I love having and buying new clothes, shoes, handbags and make up but I also like saving my money so you can see where my problem comes in. This problem became worse once I went to University as I had to buy food, books, bedroom decorations and kitchenware. Very exciting stuff I know. Because of this, I have figured out a few ways to save a couple of pounds here and there and I am still able to treat myself every once in a while.

Discounted Make Up Stores 
If I am in the mood to try out a couple of new make up products but don't want to splash out, I always try to find make up products in discounted shops. I love browsing through the make up items in one pound shops as well as poundland. I also buy products from Fragrance Direct as they have a massive range at a discounted price which include high end as well as drugstore items.

Charity Shops 
I love spending time going through different charity shops and searching for hidden gems. I personally love finding different and unique dresses as well as picking up plain shirts for a couple of pounds. There are so many different types of charity shops which don't just contain clothes but shoes and handbags as well as books and dvds. This may seem weird buying other peoples old clothes but there are so many amazing secret finds that you couldn't get anywhere else.

Bargain Bins & Boxs
When I am doing my weekly food shop, I love to have a sneaky peek into the bargain box or shelves to see if there are any discounted make up or skincare items. I often find discounted nail polishes in these bargain bins which I pick up. Superdrug and Boots also have bargain areas which I always look through and there are often broken eyeshadows quads that can be fixed as well as skincare products.

Outlet Stores & Centres 
Where I live, there is an outlet shopping village near me and I love finding bargains. There are always clothing items which have been discounted due to a fault in the design like a broken zipper. I normally purchase candles at an outlet store as they are often half the price or even more. Try searching for any outlet shops near you and check them out.

Special Offers 
If there is one thing that makes me smile its a good deal or special offer. Boots always have 3 for 2 offers on Soap & Glory and Simple Skincare which I always take advantage of. Superdrug sometimes have 3 for 2 across all make up products. Try looking for special offers when your next in Boots or Superdrug and have a search for promotion codes when shopping online.

Research Before Hand 
The last  tip I have is to research and read reviews before buying something. I always spend hours reading about a product or item before purchasing it particularly if it is a pricey item. I looked at so many lipstick swatches before picking a Mac Lipstick to buy and this worked well as I brought a lipstick that suits me perfectly. Try comparing prices on different websites and in different shops to get the cheapest price.

What are your tips for saving money?

Emily <3


  1. Great post! I always research what I'm buying so that's an excellent tip to give! Makeup alley is my favorite site :)

    Mikayla |

  2. Great tips, I just tend to not buy anything I don't need! Works well ahha.

    Meme xx

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    'Why Have one, When you can have two?//Apparel Candy Review*'

  3. I love to search for online discount codes, and sometimes I'm surprised with what I find. I will literally never press purchase until I've had a little look.


  4. I always love a good blog sale for spotting some beauty bargains xx

    Gemma |


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