Sunday, 16 August 2015

Eye Shadow Brushes On a Budget

One of my favourite make up products is eyeshadow. I own many different eyeshadows from singles to palettes all of which come with rubbish foam applicators that do anything but apply eyeshadow. For years, I just used my fingers and excepted the fact that my eyeshadow wasn't fully blended or shaded equally. However since I have become more interested in make up, I have brought a couple of budget friendly eyeshadows which are fantastic.

The first proper eyeshadow brush I ever brought was from Superdrug and was their Blending Brush. I didn't really know what to expect from this brush but it is great for applying eyeshadow to the lid and can be used to blend it out as well. I loved it so much that I went back and brought more. At the moment I own five of them but I wouldn't be surprised if I brought more in the future. At only £1.99, there isn't a more budget friendly eyeshadow brush around.

When you think of budget brushes, Real Techniques is a brand that always comes to mind. Their brushes are truly amazing but one of my favourites is the shading brush. I own the mini version from their trio brush set but it is one of my most used eyeshadow brushes. There is something about it that applies and blends the eyeshadow so well. At some point I will end up buying the full size of the brush but this one is perfect for people on a budget. The Trio of brushes altogether cost £7.99 and is ideal for girls just starting out in make up.

One brand that is famous for their make up brushes is Zoeva. Almost every blogger and youtuber has talked about these brushes and I couldn't help but try one myself. In the end I decided to pick this luxe smoky shader brush and it is amazing. This brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow as well as spreading and distributing the product across the lid evenly. I have to mention the gorgeous packaging that this brush has. This brush has a price tag of £6.95 and is worth a try.

My most recent addition to my eyeshadow brush collection is from Ecotools. I was always interested in these brushes as they are made with bamboo and recycled materials and they look very different from any other brushes I have ever seen or owned. These two brushes are double ended and contain four different types of brush at each end. One tool has a shading and defining brush which is useful for applying eyeshadow to the waterline. The other one contains a blending and smudging brush which is perfect for smudging eye liner and this set only cost £6.99. Bargain!

What are your favourite eyeshadow brushes?

Emily <3


  1. I love your brushes. Kiss kiss from France ♥, Sand.

  2. I've only ever stuck with one brand of make up brushes (Real technique) which I absolutely love! But it would be nice to try some others and definitely ones that are on a budget, these sound really good I'll have to check them out! x

    1. I do love real technique brushes but they are so many others as well! :) xx

  3. I've only heard of the Zoeva brushes but only because I've lusted after them for so long! I currently use Real Techniques and find them great as a budget friendly option :) x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. I spend months lusting over Zovea Brushes as well :) xx


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