Sunday, 9 August 2015

Nail Polishes That Are Long Lasting

I always have my nails painted and own bottles upon bottles of the stuff but there are a select few which are long lasting. I don't know about you but one of the most important things in a nail polish has to be the longevity of it as I am always on the go and forever chipping my nails. Because of this, I have come up with a range of different nail polishes that actually last for a whole week without a sign of chipping.

Barry M Jelly Hi Shine 
I have written about Barry M nail polishes before as they are my personal favourite and I love the Barry M Jelly Hi Shine range. The formula of this range is unbelievable and is thick and glides onto my nails without going on over my fingers. These nail polishes last for around a week before I find chips but this does depend on the amount of layers you have applied. This is the perfect drugstore nail polish which stays on your nails for a week before you may need to touch them up and there are many shades to pick from.

Essie Nail Polish
Sometimes you need to spend a little bit more to get better quality nail polishes that last and Essie is one of those brands. I find that Essie Nail Polishes are some of the best polishes around and are worth the higher price tag. I personally find that these nail polishes last for around one week at least before the chips may begin to show but they are generally small and hardly noticeable. I normally apply two coats of nail polish which gives a shiny finish and helps the longevity. 

Maybelline Forever Strong 
One brand that I don't hear as much about when it comes to nail polishes is Maybelline. I have recently discovered their Forever Strong Nail Polish range and is quickly becoming one of my favourites. I have to mention the brush of these nail polishes which is the perfect size for my nails and that is hard to find these days. The actual formula of them is long lasting as it is thick and strong which creates a shiny finish and is perfect for people who are always chipping their nails. 
OPI Nail Lacquer
Another high end brand that is very well known for their nail polishes is OPI and with good reason. When I first tried OPI nail polishes years ago, I became obsessed with the quality and only ever worn OPI. This was mainly because I did a lot of swimming and these nail polishes always stayed on my nails. Fast forward years later and I am still obsessed with these polishes because they can last up to two weeks without needing to be repainted.

What are your favourite nail polishes that are long lasting?

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  1. I love Barry M! They have some of the best! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. They are my favourite nail polishes! :) xx

  2. Such pretty nail polishes, and the Essie blue shade is so pretty!


    1. I believe it is Mint Candy Apple :) xx

  3. Amazing post,really love it :)
    Keep in touch
    xoxo Antonella


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