Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Weekend Routine

I always love the feeling of the weekend and just being able to relax and chill. I feel that relaxing and letting the week slip away is great to refresh my mind and allows me to focus on the important things for the week ahead and improves my mood.

For the ideal weekend...

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Turn off your alarm the night before and allow yourself to wake up when your ready. Spend a couple minutes checking your phone and going through instagram and twitter. Allow yourself the time to fully wake up and face the day.

Pick out your favourite comfortable and casual clothes. I personally pick out a girly dress or maxi skirt as it makes me feel comfortable and stylish. Don't forget to grab your favourite minimal make up products and apply it while singing (shouting) along to your favourite tunes.

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Head out into town and grab yourself your favourite drink from Starbucks and treat yourself to a piece of yummy carrot cake and take your time eating every single last crumb until your full and feeling good. Remember to scroll through your phone and chat about the little things.

Check out your local charity shops for any hidden gems such as a cute dress or handbag. Walk from charity shop to charity shop and look for colourful skirts, books and boardgames. A sneaky peak into Boots or Superdrug never hurt anyone right?

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Upon your return home, find yourself a comfortable place on your sofa, grab a cosy blanket and your current book. Spend a couple of hours losing yourself in your book while munching on a home made hash brown and sweet potato wedges. Yummy!

Discover a new tv show that you have never watched before and watch ten episodes in row. Not up for trying a new show, why not rediscover an old favourite. Friends reruns are my personal favourite and don't forget to check out and read some blogs while your watching tv.

What are your favourites things to do on the weekend?

Emily <3


  1. I really loved reading this post! Nothing is better than waking up when you want to and getting a yummy cake! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. it makes everything else worth while :) xx

  2. Casual comfort clothing is a must for any weekend!! Great post!!


  3. I'm definitely all for comfy clothing, there's nothing I love more than lounging around at home either wearing my PJ's or some comfy clothes! x


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