Friday, 18 September 2015

Dorm Essentials // University Must Haves

I am a couple of days away from moving back to University and am currently in the process of packaging my room into a number of cardboard boxes. As I am going into my second year of university, I have a bit more experience when it comes to university and dorm essentials and thought it would be fun to give you a run down of the items which I feel are necessary.

 Bedding & Sheets 
The number one thing that everyone moving to university needs to have is bedding and sheets. Last year, I brought some cheap bedding but this year I decided to invest in some new bed sheets, duvet covers and duvet. These are an essential as many universities don't provide them. I would recommend checking out what size bed you will be having and then picking up some fun and cute bedding and if your looking for some more luxurious bedding why not try Parachute Home.

Throw Pillows 
One thing that makes university life easier, is a room that feels like home away from home. I personally find that adding throw pillows to your bed is a great and fun way to add colour and decoration to the room and gives it more of a cosy feeling. I love to have throw pillows or cushions with little messages and pictures on them as well. I find that Primark has some great pillows that have a lower price tag with some funky designs. 

Fairy Lights 
Another essential for me would be fairy lights. I find that fairy lights help to make a room lighter but also cosy. During the winter and darker months, I love turning off my main light and just watching some tv under my fairy lights as it feels very relaxing and peaceful. There are many places that stock lights for a cheap price such as Primark, H&M and Next. I always lean towards copper and heart shaped fairy lights.

Laundry Basket/ Bin 
If there was one thing I regret not buying, it would have to be a Laundry Basket or Bin. I didn't think to buy one so when it came to dirty clothes, they ended up in a pile in the corner of the room. Not the best thing to do! I would highly suggest investing in a laundry basket even if it is just plastic as it makes it easier to organise and looks tidier. If your tight on money a plastic basket will do but I am thinking about buying a copper wire basket from H&M to use.  

Photo Frames 
A way to ensure that your room feels like a home is to add photo frames containing photos of your friends and family. This is a great way to keep home sickness away and adds more decoration and gives it a more personal touch. I always go for the slightly brighter coloured frames but I am thinking about getting some marble photo frames from H&M. 

What are your dorm essentials for University? 

Emily <3 


  1. These were my essentials too, I kept adding more and more stuff and making the place feel like home :) Fairy lights and cozy blankets are great!

  2. I'm 26, so I'm a little old for College, but if I could go I would probably do something along the lines of your pictures. Very cute! :)

    1. you could always decorate your home :) xx

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  4. I really love that duvet and those pillows! Really want them! x


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