Sunday, 13 September 2015

Recently Recycled // Product Empties

The other day I was cleaning out my bathroom draws as I am currently in the process of packing up and moving back to university and I noticed that I had a load of products which were empty so I felt it was time for a product empties post. I personally love watching and reading product empties posts as it gives you a really good review about the products and whether it was worth buying.

Garner Micellar Cleansing Water - I have written about this product before but I can't help it because it is so good. This micellar water is my favourite as it doesn't sting my skin and removes the top layer of make up off my skin. I also have to mention that it lasts for such a long time and even removes the stubborn bits of mascara and lip stains and I have already repurchased it. High recommended!

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter - When I smelt this body butter in the shop, I fell in love with the sweet strawberry scent and is the main reason why I brought it. However saying this, it is an amazing moisturiser and saved my dry skin when I was on holiday. This body butter is very thick and can take a while to skin in but really leaves the skin feeling hydrated and smooth and I'm probably going to buy one in a different scent next time.

Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover - Not the most glamorous product in the world but is one that I finished up. I just find that this Cutex Remover works the best for me and doesn't upset my skin either and actually smells nice after the nail polish has been removed. Another bottle of this product has already been repurchased and is a must have for me.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream - I have raved about this product before because I love it so much. I have quite dry foot skin as I swim a lot so a foot cream is essential. This cream from Soap and Glory is the one that works best for me. I rub in the cream before I go to bed and then pop socks over the top and leave it to sink in and I'm left with smooth and soft skin. Definitely repurchased again.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner - I brought a mini size of this deep conditioner as I had very damaged hair and wanted to use it. After using up this product, I can't say that it did anything amazing. I personally didn't notice a difference to my hair and I wasn't overly impressed by it and may try some other products from this brand instead.

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser - Another classic product that I have used up is the Simple Moisturiser which I use everyday. I don't normally stick to just one product but since finding this moisturiser I haven't turned to anything else. This moisturiser is perfect for me as it doesn't upset my skin and hydrates without taking forever to sink into the skin. I can't recommend this product enough!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub - If there is one thing that makes this product truly amazing, it has to be the sweet fresh scent that it has. I brought it because of the smell rather than the actual product but I was surprised at how fast I used it. I normally use a scrub twice a week so I was pretty proud that I finished this up. I enjoyed this scrub but found it rather sticky and thin in texture but still love it.

What products have you finished up recently?

Emily <3


  1. I don't seem to finish anything this month, I keep leaving the products half empty haha :) S&G body products smells gorgeous! xx

    1. I did take a while to finish these products! :) xx

  2. The body shop and soap & glory will always be favourites of mine. Simple is a great brand too. I'm so bad about fully using up products haha. Great post!
    xx, Pia

  3. I love the body shop so much and I am also pretty interested to try out the Garner Miceller Cleansing Water. Looks like you went through some pretty good products this month. It isn't logical at all but there is somehow something so satisfying about having an empty product. Don't know why.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. I would definitely recommend the Micellar Cleansing Water :) xx

  4. Pretty sure I go through a body butter a month! love them so much!



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