Thursday, 26 November 2015

5 Tips to Keep Motivated

Back in January I made a goal to eat healthy and exercise more and for a while I stuck to my goals of eating healthier and going to the gym more. However after the summer and I started university again, I began to lose my motivation for a healthier lifestyle but I am a trying to turn myself around and thought I would share my tips to get me back on track.

Find Motivation to Keep you Going 
I personally find that motivation works wonders to get me up and out of bed in the morning. There are a range of different ways to find motivation such as music, pinterest, working out clothing and cook books. I always find that looking through fitness and gym inspiration boards on pinterest is a great way to find inspiration for gym clothing, exercises as well as body. I also love creating workout playlist to get pumped up and active to.

Think About Why You Are Doing This 
Thinking about why you want to make a change or live a healthier lifestyle is something that I found quite hard to understand. Figuring out why you are putting myself through gym sessions at the crack of dawn is an important factor in finding that your inspiration. What are your aims and what are your hoping to achieve by eating healthier foods? Whether you are doing it for weight loss, to tone up or just to live healthier, you should always know your reason to keep you motivated.

 Small Changes Will Make The Difference
Whenever I think about exercising and eating healthier, I always think about having to make big changes such as having to go to the gym for hours and eating nothing but vegetables. However this couldn't be more wrong. Since I am trying to start live healthier again, I am starting off with small changes such as cutting out processed sugars as well as cutting out snacks and junk food. Starting off with smaller changes gives you a better chance of sticking to it. 

Find Ways To Make It Enjoyable 
I remember when I decided to set myself a goal of exercising more I joined the gym but couldn't stick to it. This is because I didn't enjoy the gym and found it boring and rather dull and that's when I discovered other activities that I preferred and found more interesting and fun. These activities include yoga, Pilates, swimming, running as well as hiking. An important part of motivation is creating a work out routine that you enjoy. The same thing applies to eating. If you don't enjoy eating certain fruits or vegetables why not mix them together in a smoothie.  

What are your tips to staying motivated? 

Emily <3 


  1. This is so great, thanks for sharing! x

  2. I never stick to my goals because it is kinda hard to keep myself motivated! I have a wedding coming through so it might be a good motivation for me :)

    1. That sounds like great motivation :) xx


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