Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Best of Budget Beauty Brands

As a university student, I am always on the look out for beauty bargains and budget brands. I know that not every budget beauty brand have products of great quality but there are some brands that produce some amazing products for such a reasonable price tag. Because of this, I thought I would share my favourite budget brands with you.

First up is Make up Academy which can be found in the shelves of Superdrug. I remember when I first started wearing make up, I brought almost everything in the Make up Academy stand as they have a range of products at such a cheap price. My personal favourites from them are the eyeshadows, both single and palettes as well as their Undress Your Skin Foundation.

Rimmel is another brand which I love and has a great price tag. It may not be the cheapest brand in the drugstore but it is definitely not the most expensive either. The Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks are some of my favourite and are of such great quality. Another thing that this brand is known for is the Scandaleyes Eyeliners which are better than high end liners.

Next up is Collection which I believe don't get enough hype in the blogging world. I know everyone raves about their concealer but they offer other amazing products as well. I regularly use their Lip butters and Matte Lip Butters as well as their amazing eyeshadow palettes. I also hear that they are releasing some new face and cheek palettes which I am very excited to try.

The final brand is Make up Revolution which only launched a couple of years back. I remember going online and purchasing products to try as soon as they had launched. I love using their eyeshadow palettes because they have such great pigmentation not to mention their stunning bronzer and blusher palettes. I have to talk about their packaging which makes it look so much more high end.

What are your favourite budget brands?

Emily <3


  1. Loved this post! Makeup revolution is definitely my favourite budget brand, I love all of the products from there.


  2. Amazing post! I love all the above but Makeup Revolution is by far my favorite! I have got so many lovely palettes from there and their primer is amazing!
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