Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Rimmel The Only 1 | Review

I am a massive fan of the Rimmel Lipsticks and own seven and counting. I just find that the formula is perfect and are my favourite from drugstore. Because of this, I was very excited when I found out that they launching a new line of lipsticks. The Only 1 lipsticks claim to have everything that you would need in a lipstick which is quite a big statement to make. However I was pleasantly surprised.

The packaging of this product is different from anything else I have seen as it looks very high end with a pointed, architectural lid with the classic Rimmel logo on top. However one thing I have noticed after using this lipstick, is that I find it harder to apply than others which may be because of the bullet design. Saying this, I have used this lipstick for the past week and picked the shade 'One of a Kind' which is a berry colour very similar to 107.

The formula of this lipstick is very interesting and is probably my favourite part. When the lipstick is applied, it gives off an opaque finish while still feeling quite wet and glossy. After a couple of minutes, it driers to a fairly matte finish and doesn't move but I have found it does transfer onto surfaces if your not carefully. I really like that you are left with a lip stain and still feels comfortable. My favourite part of this product is that the lasting power is unbelievable. Overall I will say that the formula is definitely one of the best in the drugstore.

Have your tried these lipsticks before? What did you think?

Emily <3


  1. Ooh this looks so lovely!! I haven't tried this before but it looks really nice! Oh I love all the makeup you have!!

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  2. I love Rimmel lipsticks - i'll have to give this a try.


  3. Sounds and looka amazing! The color is gorfepusband pigmented too! I don't own any rimmel lipsticks but it sounds like a good one to start with!
    By the way, I've nominated you to the Liebster Award! I would love to read your answers!
    Have a nice day, lovely xx


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