Thursday, 31 December 2015

Farewell 2015

As 2015 is coming to a close, a look back at the last year shows stress, hard work, family memories, laughs and most importantly growth. This time last year I was scared and nervous about what the future held and wasn't very social able and shy. However a year later and I am so proud of far I have come.

Top 5 Moments of 2015

1. Completing my first year of my University degree.
2. Gaining the confidence to work over the summer.
3. Working on and maintaining friendships.
4. Celebrating 20 years of life.
5. Surprising my mum with a weekend at home.

What I discovered this year...

- Netflix. Yes I understand how late I am to the party on this one but it is truly amazing. I didn't know if I would use Netflix much or not but I am now completely obsessed and makes having a night in so much more exciting.
- High End Make up. As I got a part time job over the summer, for the first time ever I had money to spend on more high end make up. Let me tell you that most of it is worth the ridiculous price tag.
- Forever. If you haven't heard or watched this tv show before then you are in for a treat. I would describe this show as a mix between Sherlock and CSI. It is truly worth a watch!
- Sweet Potato Fries. When I set a target to eat healthier, I tried sweet potato fries and fell in love with them. Not only are they a super food but they make a great mid afternoon snack or side dish.

Blogging Achievements 

A. Making improvements to my photography. My photos are by no means perfect or even close to it but it is definitely an improvement from last year. To help make my photograph a bit better I created a couple of different backgrounds including marble and wood.

B. Blogging about topics I want. This year I have written about topics and ideas that interest me and that I have an option on rather than following other people. Always helps to be true to yourself.

C. Trying to improve my writing style. As a person who has a learning disability, I do find writing hard but this year I have tried my best to improve the style that the posts are written in as well as checking spelling errors.

Review of 2015's Goals 

1. Be Happy Don't Worry - When I set this goal I was anxious and worried and a year on I am still feeling on edge but I definitely feel like I have better control of my anxiety.

2. Get Up and Be More Active - Hmm... I feel that I can tick this this goal off as I have definitely become more active and finally joined the gym and actually went as well as swimming more.

3. Be Thankful for My Family & Friends - I have made a big effort to appreciate all the support that everyone gives me and I couldn't do anything without them. Cheers to them!

4. Cook Healthier Meals - I semi failed at this one as I started the first half of the year really well by not eating processed sugars or junk food but it went down hill towards the autumn and winter months.

5. Keep Up With Blogging - This was one that I feel like I have achieved to the best of my abilities and posted three posts per week except for December when commitments got in the way.

I hope you have had an amazing 2015 and that you have a wonderful new year!

Emily <3

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December Favourites | 2015

I feel the need to apologise for the lack of posts and decent photos recently as I haven't really had the time to sit down and blog due to holidays and the amount of revision that I am currently doing as I have January exams. However putting that aside, I managed to take some fairy decent photos and decided to share my December favourites with you.

First up is the L'oreal La Palette in 'Rose' which I brought back in July of 2015 because it received mixed reviews in the blogging world. However this month, I seemed to have got more use out of it. I find the pigmentation and texture of such good quality and the colour range is great. I also love the packaging of this palette as it is sleek and narrow and fits perfectly into my make up bag.

My nail polish of choice this month is the Essie Nail Polish in 'Bugle Jungle' which is a red shade with a hint of shimmer to it. I always wear this colour during Christmas as it is the ideal red colour and is becoming a holiday tradition of my to wear it. The quality is truly amazing and long lasting.

In terms of lips, I haven't worn much apart from the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 'So Hap' Pink'. I am a massive matte texture fan and is lip product is excellent. The pink shade is a great every wear and goes with most make up looks and lasts through drinking and eating.

However one lip treatment I have used this month is the Nivea Lip Butter in 'Vanilla'. I own this lip butter in several different shades but this one seems to be the one that works best for me. I have heard some mixed reviews about the Raspberry shade but this one is amazing.

Lastly is this Nars Eyeshadow which is a dark pink shade ideal for autumn. This is a matte shade and has a very buttery texture and goes well with eye primer. Most pink eyeshadow shades don't suit me very well as it makes me look like I have an eye infection but this one is different and is worth a swatch.

What are your December Favourites ?

Emily <3

Sunday, 27 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas and I hope you had a magical a couple of days. I was lucky enough to receive some amazing gifts from my family and I thought I would share them with you. I would like to state that I am not in any way bragging and I am just simply sharing my wonderful gifts to give other readers ideas for birthday gifts. I am very thankful for all my presents.

In terms of clothing, I received a super fluffy jumper which I spend most of Christmas day wearing and boxing day sleeping in. Plus the polar bear on the jumper is the cutest thing ever. The other clothing items was a comfortable Superdry shirt which I love to wear with sport leggings.

Although I love getting huge presents, there is nothing better than finding useful little stocking fillers. A pack of 30 hair bands is ideal for me as I keep losing bands left right and centre. Along with the bands was a pack of shower gel as well as a face cloth which are my favourite things ever.

Last year I received Zoella's first book Girl Online so this year I was very excited to see that I was gifted the second book in the series. I am planning to curl up in bed and spend a day just reading this book. Christmas is never complete without finding a pair of Christmas socks and my snowmen ones are cute.

In terms of make up there wasn't too many products as I hadn't asked for many. However I did receive a pair of nail polishes, one being mint green and the other glitter. Along with a set of pre glued false nails which have a floral pattern. I also added the Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow Palette which I got in my advert calendar.

In terms of beauty, my mum spoiled me with a couple of The Body Shop shower gels. I don't know how she guessed it but she managed to pick out my favourite two scents which were Strawberry and Pink Grapefruit. Because one girl can never have too many make up bags, I was lucky to find a Next beauty bag under the tree with rose gold zips.

The main gifts was a Pandora Charm Braclet which I am in love with. I was so surprised by this wonderful present and it was paired with a charm of a heart. I couldn't be more happy with these present as it was very heart warming. 

The final gifts included a Nars Eyeshadow Duo in 'portobello' that contains two matte shades of brown and taupe colour ideal for every day wear and give a natural look. The other gift was a Zoella Mirror Compact and Card Holder. This may seem like an odd gift but is perfect for me when I go to university as I don't need my whole wallet with me. 

Emily <3 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Top Five Discoveries Of 2015

As its Christmas Eve and everyone is wrapping up presents and cleaning the house, I thought I would round up my top five discovers of 2015. Every year I buy and try new products and discover products that become favourites for years to come. This year I have discovered new brands rather than single products and I thought I would share them with you.

First up is Make Up Revolution. I had previously tried a couple of products from this budget brand but didn't think much of them. This was my option for some time until I saw a new Make Up Revolution stand in my local Superdrug and tried a couple of their newer blusher and eyeshadow palette range and became addicted. One of their stand out products for me that to be their Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Sugar and Spice.

Until this year I didn't own many Essie Nail Polishes but had always wanted to try some. However this year I brought some new shades and adore the formula of the polishes and always hunt around in TK Maxx for some bargains and different shades. I particularly enjoy wearing the glitter shades.

H&M launched their re branded make up and beauty line and I was pleasantly surprised by some of their offerings. I love using their eyeshadow palette as well as the cream eyeshadow pots which are comparable to the Maybelline Cream Tattoos. One of the stand out things for me would have to be the packaging that makes the whole line look more professional.

Another high street brand I have tried this year is Topshop and to be specific their amazing lipsticks. I had heard so much about their lipsticks but never got around to purchasing one until this summer and worn it non stop. The shade I have been rocking is Brighton Rock which is a bright pink shade ideal for summer.

The last discover of this year has to be this Rimmel Single Eyeshadow in 'Bronze' which I found on a discounted make up shop for 99p and has become my most used eyeshadow. The quality and pigmentation of this eyeshadow is unbelievable and gives off the most amazing bronze colour which is perfect for every day use.

What were your favourite discovers of 2015?

Merry Christmas!

Emily <3

Monday, 21 December 2015

Holiday Lookbook Inspiration

Its almost Christmas and I have been busier than ever so I haven't been able to put together a post for you but I had a couple of spare minutes and I thought I would put my favourite holiday inspiration into a little lookbook type post. I personally love the holiday and Christmas time as there are so many different outfits to choose from including coats, beanies. scarves, skirt and shoes but hopefully this lookbook will give you some ideas and inspiration... 

Happy Holidays 

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Glitter Nails

There are so many amazing things about Christmas and that would be glitter nails. Although I do wear glitter on my nails no matter of the time of the year, the festival period is a great excuse to crack out the multi glitter shades, As a nail polish addict myself I own a fair few and thought I would share my favourites with you...

Barry M  'Black Multi Glitter' -  This brand is great for budget nail polishes and they create glitter shades. I find this shade to be slightly more subtle as it contains smaller sparkles of glitter mixed into a black nail polish colour. I also like to layer more glitter over the top to give it a further sparkler.

OPI 'So Elegant' - I remember finding this nail polish in a discounted make up store and thinking it had to be one of the most prettiest glitter polishes ever. This polish contains large chucks of glitter which I personally prefer to layer over other colours as it doesn't distribute evenly across the nail.

Essie Lux Effects 'Stroke of Brilliance'- This has to be one of the newest finds and comes from TK Max. This nail polishes contains blue glitter particles and looks wonderful over black or blue nail polishes. I will add that this nail polish also looks great in the summer as well.

Barry M 'Amethyst Glitter' - My favourite type of glitter is this nail polish from Barry M. This glitter nail polish contains purple, pink, green, silver and blue and looks perfect on its own as well as paired with colours. I often like to refer to this shade as a disco ball and is perfect for Christmas.

Rimmel Precious Stones 'Ruby Crush' - I would state that this is the most Christmas appropriate shade as it is basically just red glitter. I really like the coverage of the glitter as it fills the whole nail and spreads evenly. The ideal nail polish for Christmas day.

Sinful Colours 'Nail Junkie' - One of the first nail polishes I ever brought was this one and contains aqua blue glitter. The coverage is fairly good and only really requires two coats to make it look good. I personally feel like a mermaid with this polish on my nails.

What are your favourite Christmas nail polishes?

Emily <3

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Top Christmas Movies & Cosy Night Essentials

Although the winter time can be dark and cold, it is the perfect time for a cosy night in and what better time to have a movie night than at Christmas. After a long day at work or school there is nothing better than curling up and having a wonderful cosy night in with snacks and movies. There are so many great and funny movies that are perfect for this festival time of year and I thought I would give you a run down of my favourites as well as my cosy night essentials. 

Everyone has their type of Christmas Movies and my favourite ones are the romantic ones as I am a complete sucker for a good rom-com. The Holiday was a fairly recent discovery and I couldn't believe that I hadn't watched it before! I absolutely love this very cute film not to mention the gorgeous Jude Law. Love Actually is another great choice and has an amazing cast and is such a good large. A movie that has a special place in my heart is The Polar Express as me and my little brother always watch this movie on Christmas eve morning. Home Movie is a classic festival movie and is a family tradition to watch after stuffing ourselves with Christmas dinner. 

There are so many things that you could have for a cosy night but this handy essential checklist from Casper is perfect. Everyone needs to be comfortable and having a soft mattress and a pile of pillows is a must have along with a fluffy Christmas onsie. Of course everyone needs to have snacks and what is better than a bowl of popcorn, cookies and a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

What are your favourite Christmas movies and cosy night essentials?

Emily <3  

Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide | Women

I'm back with another gift guide and this one is for readers who have girlfriends, friends, sisters or mothers to buy for. A previous gift guide which included beauty was posted here. However this guide has a range from clothes, shoes to books.

One place to find some great gifts is the H&M Home Department. I have heard so many bloggers raving about the home range that this shop has and they include some amazing marble pieces. As well as marble plates and cups, they also offer some wonderful storage ideas and candles which every women would be delighted to receive.

Another type of gift could be cooking books. This may sound like a boring and odd choice but this year there have been some great releases in the world of food books and my personal favourites include Deliciously Ella and Get The Glow as well. These are more healthy eating books but there are also some great exercise and fitness books too.

Clothing is something that can be tricky to buy but if you are thinking about getting a few items, why not go for a floppy hat, black ankle boots or even a pinafore dress. Not only will these pieces be on trend but will also impress the receiver.

As before, I have added a couple more ideas and tips to help you along your shopping journey...

Emily <3 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Non Sticky Lipglosses

I have never been one to wear lipglosses as they always end up sticking to my hair and a lot of the time, they don't have much pigmentation. Over the years I have tried a number of different formulas and types of lipglosses and most of them didn't agree with me. However during my time of trying different glosses, I have found a few that are perfect for people like me who hate sticky lipgloss.

This MUA Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss in 'Lips are Sealed' was one of the first glosses I tried and is such a great bargain. I would describe the shade as the perfect everyday pink colour. The texture of this lipgloss is moisturising but doesn't feel sticky. The pigmentation is fairly good for a gloss and leaves a slight strain. At only £2 it is a great drugstore gloss.

Next up is a gloss perfect for autumn. This Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss in 'Bordeuax' is one of my favourites. The scent of this product is very similar to Vanilla Ice Cream and feels very soft and smooth on the lips.The applicator of this product is brilliant at applying it to the lips without going everywhere. Because of the darker shade, it does leave a strain which I personally like.

Lastly is the Tanya Burr in 'Exotic Island' which is a very bright pink shade more appropriate for the summer. I wasn't sure about this product but I was surprised by the texture of it as it feel smooth on the lips but didn't make my hair stick to it. I have to admit the smell is very sweet and some say overbearing but I like it. 

What are your favourite lipglosses? 

Emily <3

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide | Beauty

As it is finally December I thought I would crack out the Christmas Gift Guides to help you along your way. I decided the best way to go about suggesting different gifts would be to split the gift guide into different categories and I thought I would start off with the area I have most interest in and one that excites me the most.

There are so many amazing new make up launches that would make great Christmas presents and one particular product that comes to mind is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. I have heard so many wonderful reviews about this palette but the one thing that stops me from buying it is the rather expensive price tag that it has. However I would be one happy girl if I received this for Christmas.

Another exciting launch is the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette which has received many raved reviews and looks like a stunning palette to add to the collection. The packaging makes the palette look that much more high end and contains eyeshadows to create a darker and smoky look. Anyone beauty lover would be grateful to find this palette under the tree.

Lipsticks would be another winning choice as a gift as they come in a range of different sizes and designs and what I really like is that the drugstore produce some great ones. Saying this one specific formula that caught my attention was the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks. These lipsticks have stunning packaging and come in a range of shades but my personal favourite is Glastonberry which is a dark berry colour.

If you are looking for more suggestions or ideas of what to get a beauty lover, I have bundled up a range of Christmas gifts...

Emily <3 

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