Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide | Women

I'm back with another gift guide and this one is for readers who have girlfriends, friends, sisters or mothers to buy for. A previous gift guide which included beauty was posted here. However this guide has a range from clothes, shoes to books.

One place to find some great gifts is the H&M Home Department. I have heard so many bloggers raving about the home range that this shop has and they include some amazing marble pieces. As well as marble plates and cups, they also offer some wonderful storage ideas and candles which every women would be delighted to receive.

Another type of gift could be cooking books. This may sound like a boring and odd choice but this year there have been some great releases in the world of food books and my personal favourites include Deliciously Ella and Get The Glow as well. These are more healthy eating books but there are also some great exercise and fitness books too.

Clothing is something that can be tricky to buy but if you are thinking about getting a few items, why not go for a floppy hat, black ankle boots or even a pinafore dress. Not only will these pieces be on trend but will also impress the receiver.

As before, I have added a couple more ideas and tips to help you along your shopping journey...

Emily <3 


  1. So many gorgeous items.. I love the Nike trainers & burgundy floppy hat!


  2. Kitchen books are always a good idea and so are home stuff! Great inspiration!
    I hope you're having a great day xx



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