Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Glitter Nails

There are so many amazing things about Christmas and that would be glitter nails. Although I do wear glitter on my nails no matter of the time of the year, the festival period is a great excuse to crack out the multi glitter shades, As a nail polish addict myself I own a fair few and thought I would share my favourites with you...

Barry M  'Black Multi Glitter' -  This brand is great for budget nail polishes and they create glitter shades. I find this shade to be slightly more subtle as it contains smaller sparkles of glitter mixed into a black nail polish colour. I also like to layer more glitter over the top to give it a further sparkler.

OPI 'So Elegant' - I remember finding this nail polish in a discounted make up store and thinking it had to be one of the most prettiest glitter polishes ever. This polish contains large chucks of glitter which I personally prefer to layer over other colours as it doesn't distribute evenly across the nail.

Essie Lux Effects 'Stroke of Brilliance'- This has to be one of the newest finds and comes from TK Max. This nail polishes contains blue glitter particles and looks wonderful over black or blue nail polishes. I will add that this nail polish also looks great in the summer as well.

Barry M 'Amethyst Glitter' - My favourite type of glitter is this nail polish from Barry M. This glitter nail polish contains purple, pink, green, silver and blue and looks perfect on its own as well as paired with colours. I often like to refer to this shade as a disco ball and is perfect for Christmas.

Rimmel Precious Stones 'Ruby Crush' - I would state that this is the most Christmas appropriate shade as it is basically just red glitter. I really like the coverage of the glitter as it fills the whole nail and spreads evenly. The ideal nail polish for Christmas day.

Sinful Colours 'Nail Junkie' - One of the first nail polishes I ever brought was this one and contains aqua blue glitter. The coverage is fairly good and only really requires two coats to make it look good. I personally feel like a mermaid with this polish on my nails.

What are your favourite Christmas nail polishes?

Emily <3

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