Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Favourites of 2015 | Make Up

Over the past couple of days, I have seen many bloggers posting their favourites from 2015 so I thought I would post mine before we get too far into 2016. In previous years, I have grouped everything together but for this post I have spilt the favourites into two posts. The first post is all about the make up products which I have applied to my face the most and the second post coming soon is about the haircare and skincare products. So lets begin with the make up products...

The foundation of the year is the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation as it is the only one I regularly wear. I find this foundation has a very light texture and doesn't feel heavy or powdery on the skin. I like wearing this foundation as it gives a semi matte finish which looks more natural and doesn't let shine through. I would highly recommend trying this!

The powder I have been wearing is the Bourjois Healthy Balance. I believe that I may have talked about it in last years favourites but I couldn't help but include it again. This powder is very fine and gets rid of any shine and smells very fruity. I often wear this powder without foundation just to give a matte finish.

The bronzer of the year goes to the L'oreal Glam Bronze in '06' which was a new discovery this year. I always struggle with bronzer not many shades suit me but this one looks great with my skin tone and contains a hint of shimmer but nothing over the top. I'm also a massive fan of the simple packaging.

In terms of blusher, I may have cheated slightly. I have picked two because I couldn't just include one and the first one is the Clarins Blush Prodige in 'Sunset Coral' which is a beautiful orange and peach shade. At first glance, the colour may seem odd but when the colours are swirled together, it creates the most amazing glow and flush.

The other blusher of the year is the Illamaqua Cream Blusher in 'Seduce'. Once you get past the funny name, it is a bright hot pink blush which is fairly pigmented but blends beautifully into the cheek bones gives a winter flushed glow and doesn't smudge or move.

One palette that is a winner in my eyes is the Naked Basics 2 Palette. I brought this wonderful palette back in June of 2015 and haven't stopped using it. I didn't think I would love a matte cool toned palette as much as I like this one. Not mention the sleek, simple, cute, slim packaging that is ideal for travelling.

If Urban Decay isn't in your budget, the Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in 'Bronze' is another favourite of mine. For £3.99 I can't fault it as it produces great shadows which contain such strong pigmentation and lasting power. The packaging many not be anything to shout about but the actual product is truly amazing for the low price tag.

On the topic of eyes, the No7 Shade and Define Eyeshadow Stick in 'Cool Mink' as been a staple for me this year. I wasn't sure I could spend money on the By Terry Ombre Black Stars so I tried this eyeshadow stick and was shocked by the amazing lasting power and easy application. If you are looking to try the By Terry Ombre Black Stars, try this one first.

Liners is something that I consistently find hard to use so I rarely do unless it is a special event but the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner in 'Lionfish' is a new favourite. This liner produces a brown bronze shade and has a fine nib making it easier to apply and gives a more natural look.

For lipsticks, my favourite has been the Rimmel Kate Moss in '107' which I have worn almost everyday since I brought it. I wasn't sure the dark red berry shade would suit me but once I tried it I became obsessed and the lasting power is amazing. 

Lastly comes the Mac Amplified Lipstick in 'Impassioned' which as the picture shows is a bright pink colour. I never used to wear bright or bold colours as I didn't think they suited me but this one was a big favourite back in the summer and will be cracked out again for the summer.

What are your 2015 Beauty favourites?

Emily <3


  1. Love this post and I've put amplified on my wish list! xx


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