Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palettes | Hollywood & Galaxy

When Tanya Burr first announced she was relaunching her make up line, I checked out some of the products and I was very excited to see that she had added a few eyeshadow palettes to the original line up. Since then I have been dying to get my hands on these eyeshadow palettes but they always seem to be out of stock whenever I try and buy them. But the other day I was walking around Superdrug when I noticed a stand of her products and immediately picked up two eyeshadow palettes.

The first palette I picked up was the 'Hollywood Palette' which contains a range warm toned brown shades ideal for creating a smoky look. The shade 'Enchantment' is stunning in the pan but my personally favourite has to be 'Bookwarm' as it gives a certain warmth to the eye lids. The size of each eyeshadow is great and compares to the Mac ones.

This palette contains four brown toned eyeshadows; Nude Delight - a white matte shade, Gold Coin - a light golden brown shade, Bookworm - a warm matte brown shade and Enchantment - a shimmery golden brown shade which contains chunks of glitter. The pigmentation of these shades are on a whole very strong but I will mention that Gold Coin isn't as intense as the others. In terms of texture, they are very buttery and blend into the eye lids easily.

The second palette I picked up was the 'Galaxy Palette' which contains more neutral shades that I normally wear more often. The packaging of both palettes is simple but a bit young for me as it is aimed more at a young audience I'm guessing. My favourite shades from this palette include Moonlight and Stormy Sky which can be used together to give definition to the eyes. I also love using Starry Night as a liner along the lashline.

This palette includes four natural shades; Snow Flake - A pearl white shimmery shade, Moon Light - A shimmery sliver shade, Stormy Sky - A matte mauve purple shade and Starry Night which is a lovely dark black shade with shimmer to it. All of these shades have wonderful pigmentation and the texture is very soft and glides onto the eye lids smoothly. Overall I would say these palettes are a great starting point if your new to make up but are still a great addition to get make up collection.

What are your thoughts on these palettes?

Emily <3


  1. I haven't actually got either of these palettes but I really want them, they are gorgeous! xx


  2. I love them and I need to get them that is what I think! I love the enchantment shade!

    Meme xx

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