Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Spring Nail Picks | 2016

Spring is fast approaching and one of my things about the change in seasons is the change in nail polish colours. During the winter months, I generally turn towards the darker blue, purple, reds and glitters but when spring rolls around I love to crack our the bright and pastel shades and I thought I would share with you my favourite spring nail picks.

Nails Inc Gel Effect 'Regents Place' - I hadn't previously tried a Nail Inc nail polish but when I spotted this beautiful shade in TK Max I couldn't resist. I love wearing this shade during the spring months as it is a light blue colour which is long lasting and applies thickly over the nail.

Maybelline Super Stay 'Mint For Life' - If you know me well, you will know that I can't stop myself from buying anything mint green. This is no different with nail polishes and it the moment I have been loving this mint green shade from Maybelline which lasts a couple of days before chipping occurs.

Barry M Hi Shine 'Rose Hip' - As well as bright colours I also like to rock pastel shades and one of my favourites is this light pink shade from Barry M. I would say that this is almost an pink off white shade that stands out and just shouts spring.

Essie Nail Polish 'Status Symbol' - As a nail polish lover myself, I had to include an Essie Nail Polish and for this time of the year I like to wear this bright peach pink shade. I rave about the formula of Essie nail polish a lot as it is very thick and smooth and glides over the nails perfectly and lasts for over a week.

Barry M Hi Shine 'Sugar Plum' - The final nail polish comes Barry M again as I adore the brand particular their Hi Shine range. This light pink purple shade is fairly new to me but it quickly becoming one of my all time favourites and gives the nails that fun pop of colour ideal for spring.

What are your spring nail picks?

Emily <3


  1. I use to have a Barry M mint green polish that I loved, its recently dried up though :( Ill have to have a look at the Maybelline one! Lovely selection hun xx

    1. I am always wearing mint green nail polish :) xx


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