Sunday, 31 July 2016

July Favourites | 2016

July where did you go? I know it gets said too often but seriously how is it already the end of July. Before I get into my favourites of the month, I need to make an apology because I haven't been as active on the blog or social media. I didn't mean to be so quiet but my summer job and family have kept me busy and away my laptop. However I am going to make it one of my goals this month to create more posts. If you are still hanging around thank you so much and here are my monthly favourites from July.

H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush 'Golden Peach' 
During this month, I have been wearing lighter and less make up but one make up product that I always apply is blusher. I feel that blusher gives your skin more life and glow and the one blusher I have been turning to is from H&M. 'Golden Peach' is a lovely peachy pink shade with gold shimmer running through it. This blusher gives the perfect summer glow and blends easily into the skin.

Barry M Lip Liner '15 Rose' 
If you haven't read any of my previous posts, you may not know that I have a slight obsession with trying lip liners and my newest find comes from Barry M. I don't really like spending a lot of money on lip liners so when I saw the price of the Barry M ones I couldn't help but pick up a few. Although the packaging isn't anything to shout about, the actual product is soft, smooth, pigmented and long lasting. Amazing!

Mac Frost Lipstick 'Angel' 
As most beauty bloggers do, I own a few Mac lipsticks but one that hasn't really had much use would be 'Angel' because I found that it didn't last very long. However a couple of weeks back, I paired it with the Barry M Lip Liner and was blown away by the lasting power. It is quickly becoming one of my favourite lip combinations and is my ideal nude colour. I'm so happy that I'm finally getting a lot of use out of a Mac Lipstick that is such a lovely shade.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Leather Effect 'Creamy Beige'
In terms of eyeshadow, I haven't really worn much as I have been working a lot and sleeping the rest of the time. However when I do end up leaving the house, I often apply the Cream eyeshadow in 'Creamy Beige'. This colour has been described as a light brown shade that evens out the skin tone and creates a matte base to apply other eyeshadows over the top.

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint 'Peach For The Starts'
When it came to picking out my nail polish of the month, I couldn't really pick one that really stood out until I came across this peachy orange shade. I love wearing peachy toned shades during the summer months as it feels bright and fun. I am also a fan of the Daylight Curing Nail Polishes from Barry M as they are very long lasting and have a gel like finish. If your a fan of gel nails, I would highly recommend checking out these nail polishes.

What are your monthly favourites?

Emily <3

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Barry M Lip Liners

I am a massive fan of lip liners but one brand that I haven't tried lip liners from is Barry M so when saw Zoella raving about them in her favourites video, I couldn't myself but pick up a few to try. I have been trying these liners over the past few days and what I have noticed is that they are a bit hit and miss in terms of texture. 'Rose 15' and 'Dark Pink 2' have a soft and smooth texture and glide onto the lips easily whereas 'Mulberry 9' has a drier texture and requires more pressure to achieve the pigmentation needed.

My favourite lip liner of the three would have to be 'Rose 15' which I have been wearing non stop and is the perfect nude for my skin. When I went into Superdrug I found that Barry M had a range of shades which I was surprised by. Even though the quality isn't the same throughout the whole range, the price of £2.99 per lip liner is just amazing and can't be beaten.

Have you tried the Barry M Lip Liners before?

Emily <3

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Must-Have Make Up Brushes

As a make up lover, an obsession with make up brushes is only natural. There are so many amazing make up brushes and I own quite a few but the other day I noticed that I use the same brushes pretty much everyday and I thought I would share them with you.

Many amazing brushes have high price tags but one brand that create make up brushes for a great price is Real Techniques. Real Techniques have a range of different brushes but one of my must have brushes is the Real Technique 'Expert Face Brush'. This brush is used to blend in my foundation and because it has a small head making it ideal for applying foundation to my face. My other must have brush from Real Techniques is their 'Blush Brush' which is perfect for applying blusher to the cheeks. The last must have brush from my collection is the Zoeva 'Luxe Smoky Shader' which I use to apply eyeshadow to the lids. Zoeva has a lot of hype around the quality of the brushes and with good reason because I love using this brush.

What are your favourite brushes? 

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Favourite Lip Combination

I will be the first to admit that I have more make up than any girl would ever need but at the moment there has been one lip combination in particular that I have been wearing non stop over the last couple of weeks. Most people during the summer months wear nudes or pinks but the shade that I have been obsessed with lately has been a dark pink nude colour as I find that other light nude shades don't really suit me very well.

The first part of my lip combination is a creamy colour comfort lip liner from Kiko in '314 Marsala'. I love Kiko lip liners as they are creamy and long lasting as well as being fairly reasonable in price. Although Kiko isn't widely available, a new shop has recently popped up near me so I'm sure I will be checking out and trying some new products from them. I find that this lip liner feels comfortable on the lips and makes applying lipstick over the top very easy and simple to do.

Over the top of the lip liner, I apply the Soap & Glory Matte Lipstick in 'Pom Pom'. I believe it was Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty who introduced me to this lipstick and when I swatched it, I couldn't help myself but buy it. It is one of those 'your lips but better' shades and really suits my skin tone. Both of these products together creates a comfortable, long lasting product with great pigmentation.

What are your favourite lip combination?

Emily <3

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Planner Overview + Sticker Haul

I have been thinking about writing a post about my new planner for a couple of weeks now but I wasn't sure whether it seemed interesting enough or if it would fit into my blog theme but over the last of days I have become completely obsessed by my planner and the planner world on YouTube that I thought I would share my planner with you anyway. I believe that Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty first introduced me to the world of planners and that's when I became hooked.

When I first decided I wanted a planner, I immediately turned to the Erin Corden Vertical Life Planner but after looking at the shipping price, I went to look else where. I wasn't sure what type of planner I wanted but eventually I came across  and placed an order soon after. The main thing that draw me towards this planner was that I could create everything to suit me and I am very pleased with it.

As the name of this planner would suggest you can customise many aspects of the planner and one of those things was the monthly overview which I have before the start of each month. I enjoy having this overview as it allows me to easily glance at the month and all the appointments and events that I have. I also decided to add it as the Erin Corden also contains a monthly view.

The inside of the planner contains week by week views and this can be customised as well. I decided to choose the vertical format as it's ideal for making lists and is different from other planners. I find the vertical format perfect for writing and suits my style of planing. The colour of the top and bottom bar is completely up to you but I did pick pink. There are many add ons that can be attached to bottom bar such as water trackers but I decided to keep it as plain as possible. The only negative thing about this type of layout is that the weekend is split in half but for me it isn't a problem.

After that overview I thought I would give you a look at a previous week I have planned. As you can tell, I really like to use stickers to plan. If your interested in this type of planning I believe it is called Glam Planner and there are so many videos particularly from Elle Fowler. The type of stickers I use are generally designed for the Erin Corden Vertical Planner but still fit in perfectly to this vertical format. As you may be able to tell, I like all the stickers to match and to have a them and these stickers are all from a printable kit from BeaYoutiful.

There are many different places you can purchase stickers depending on what type of stickers you would like and how much money you are willing to spend. One of my favourite places to search for cheap and fun stickers would be amazon. The stickers on the left are all from amazon and will be used over a few months. The most popular place to buy stickers would be etsy as most of them are targeted for the Erin Corden Planner but can always be adapted and changed to fit your needs. The stickers on the right are from an etsy shop called 'PlanWithJade' and she had some amazing kits! If your on a budget than you could buy some sticker paper and create your own or print off some printables that you can download from pinterst.

I also like to add washi tape to the bottom of my weekly spreads to add a fun touch. Washi tape is generally sold in most places but my tapes come from, Poundland, Tiger, Superstores as well as Amazon. I am also looking into getting stamps as well but for now its just stickers and tape. I hope you have found this post interesting and gives you an insight into my planner and accessories. If you guys are into your planning as well I would love to know what type of accessories you use! 

Emily <3 

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