Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Barry M Lip Liners

I am a massive fan of lip liners but one brand that I haven't tried lip liners from is Barry M so when saw Zoella raving about them in her favourites video, I couldn't myself but pick up a few to try. I have been trying these liners over the past few days and what I have noticed is that they are a bit hit and miss in terms of texture. 'Rose 15' and 'Dark Pink 2' have a soft and smooth texture and glide onto the lips easily whereas 'Mulberry 9' has a drier texture and requires more pressure to achieve the pigmentation needed.

My favourite lip liner of the three would have to be 'Rose 15' which I have been wearing non stop and is the perfect nude for my skin. When I went into Superdrug I found that Barry M had a range of shades which I was surprised by. Even though the quality isn't the same throughout the whole range, the price of £2.99 per lip liner is just amazing and can't be beaten.

Have you tried the Barry M Lip Liners before?

Emily <3


  1. These sound so lovely! I must check this brand out more!

    1. me too! I need to try more products from them :) xx

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