Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Favourites | 2016

I'm back today with a quick favourites post. I wasn't planning on making a favourites post until I came back from my holiday but by then it would be half way through September so instead I am writing it half way through August. This is going to be a quick one as I haven't really tried anything new and if I'm being honest I haven't worn much make up at all but here are the few products that made it onto my face.

The only new product that has made it onto my favourites post is the Mac Pro Longwear Paintpot in 'Groundwork'. I haven't previously owned a paint pot from Mac but I have always loved cream eyeshadows so when I saw this paintpot at a discounted price, I jumped at the chance to pick it up. I have been wearing it non stop and is a great base product. The only other eyeshadow product I have been using is the Elf single eyeshadow in Sable Brown which is a light brown shade that gives the eye lid some definition. The Milani Baked Blusher in Luminoso is a firm summer favourite of mine and gives a wonderful summer flush.

The lip product that I have been reaching for is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong which is a very bright pink shade. In the past I have been too scared to wear this colour as it is very bold recently, I have been pushing myself to wear brighter shades and this one is my favourite so far. The nail polish of choice comes from Rimmel in the shade Fancy a Dip which is a light baby blue shade ideal for the summer time.

What have your Augsut favourites been?

Emily <3

Sunday, 28 August 2016

My Travel Essentials | 2016

As I write this, I am surrounded by clothes and make up because I am in the process of packing for my holiday and I thought I would share with you my travel essentials. I'm not actual going on a plane but rather taking the car but because I am going for a long period of time, the essentials I will be bringing will still be similar so here we go.

First up is make up wipes. I don't use make up wipes to remove my make up (thanks Caroline Hirons) but rather for any messes or make up spills that occur. My favourite wipes to use are the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes as they are gentle and effective at removing any make up left on my hands or any eyeliner that has gone wrong. I also carry them in case one of my little brothers ends up with sticky hands (big sister duties). Another travel must has to be hand gel to get rid of any unwanted germs. I always carry hand gel with me and am sure I have one in each bag but you can never be too sure! Along with hang gel comes hand cream. I can't stand dry hands so I have to ensure that I have some with me and my choice for this holiday is The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream.  

Travel minis is the best part of travelling right?! As soon as I find out I am going on holiday, I head towards the mini section in Boots. There is nothing more exciting then little bottles of shampoo and condition. My choice of hair care products comes from TREsemme as their shampoo and condition are amazing. I am also planning to bring shower gel (obviously) but I forgot to add it to the photo. In terms of skincare, I take as many products as I can which normally equals a full routine. So order to take a full routine I normally have to put the products into smaller containers which I often buy from Primark for £1.

Hairbands. Never forget hairhands! I did once and it didn't end well at all. I always like to bring a fair few in case I lose or break them. I just buy the Superdrug own brand hairbands as they are cheap and do the job. When it comes to make up brushes, I don't normally do anything different, but recently I spotted a Real Technique Brush Travel Set and is great for travelling with. It contains an eyeshadow, foundation and face brush and of course you will need a compact mirror while travelling and mine is from Primark. Finally pain killers. I personally don't take painkillers but if one of my family members gets a headache then these come in handy.

What are your travel essentials?

Emily <3

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Mac Pro Longwear Paintpot | Groundwork

I am a massive fan of cream eyeshadows and own eight colour tattoos from Maybelline so when I noticed this Mac Pro Longwear Paintpot in 'Groundwork' for a discounted price, I couldn't help but pick it up. I have heard so many amazing reviews on these cream eyeshadow pots from Mac so I had high hopes for this product and it didn't disappoint. 

I would describe the shade as warm chocolate toned brown colour and is a gorgeous natural shade. I often use this shade if i'm having one of those days where I can't be bothered to apply any fancy eyeshadow. This cream eyeshadow is quickly becoming one of my all time favourites because it is so easy and quick to apply and is the perfect everyday shade. The formula is of a thick creamy type that glides onto the lid and can be applied by the fingers or brush and comes in a little glass pot ideal for travel.

Overall I am in love with this cream eyeshadow and has replaced my love for the colour tattoo in 'On and On Bronze'. I would say it is similar to the bronze maybelline eyeshadow but contains less shimmer and glitter and makes you look a bit more adult like. That's it for this post and I know its been a short one hopefully you enjoyed it.

Have you tried this cream eyeshadow before?

Emily <3

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Travel Makeup Bag | 2016

I'm very excited as I write this because I'm on holiday and relaxing but I thought I would knock out a few extra pre-written posts so that I didn't leave the blog without any posts for two weeks. As I am packing for the holiday, I thought I would share with you my travel make up items. The make up bag I will be using comes from Next and was given to me for Christmas and is pink and beige with rose gold hard wear. I really like using this bag as it is big enough to fit all the make up my heart desires into it.  

For base products, I will be taking the Bourjois CC Cream because it is my favourite foundation as it is light and easy to apply. I also brought this cream because it feels very comfortable and doesn't feel greasy. To help my cc cream stay in place, I am bringing the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder. I always use this powder as it is my favourite powder for keeping me matte and doesn't break me out. I never know if eye primer is a base product or not but I thought I would add it to my base and helps to keep my eyeshadow in.

When talking about face products, I am going to bring blushers and a bronzer. Sleek has to be one of my favourite brands because they have very sleek and thin packaging. The bronzer of choice is the Sleek Contour Kit in light as it is contains a matte bronzer ideal for travel. The blushers are the Sleek Blush by three in Pink Lemonade and  H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Golden Peach.

Eyeshadows are my favourite make up product to play around with so when it comes to travelling, I often bring a few. The eyeshadows palettes that I'm bringing include the Freedom Pro 12 Audacious 3 and Fleurdeforce Quad in 'Cosmic Bronnze' as well as the Kiko Eyeshadow Stick '05' which is a great base. In terms of eye liners, I picked the Stila Waterproof Smudge Stick in 'lionfish' and the Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Liner.  

Lastly comes the lip products. Normally I go for neutral lip products so I picked the Rimmel Provocalips in Make Your Move as it is very comfortable and long lasting. The other product is the Relvon Moisture Stain in Barcelona nights which is a bright hot pink colour. The lip liners of choice are the Kiko Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in '314' which is great for creating a darker lip colour as well as the Maybelline Coloursensational Lip Liner in Intensive pink which is great for creating a mid toned pink.

What do you keep in your travel make up bag?

Emily <3

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Summer Lip Edit

I'm back today with a new post about lip products ideal for the summer time. Recently I have been struggling with inspiration for posts but it occurred to me that I hadn't talked about my favourite lip products to wear during the summer so here we go. There are generally three categories that I choose from which include nudes, everyday pinks and bright pinks. The formula of lip products I adore most is matte which will be reflected in my choices.

In terms of nudes, there are two which I have been turning towards. The first is the Rimmel Provocalips 'Make Your Move' which is a dark brown nude colour. The Provocalips lip range have a liquid texture to them which dries to a matte finish that doesn't smudge. In fact, I have to use a cleansing balm to remove it at the end of the day because of the lasting power. The other nude lip item is the Mac Lipstick in 'Angel' which is a frost formula. I recently featured this in my July Favourites as I have been wearing it non stop. However frost isn't my favourite formula but when paired with a lip liner this is a great product.

The everyday pinks have to be my favourite shades to rock as they match every outfit and are comfortable to wear. The first one is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 'So Hap' Pink' which is a mid toned pink with coral tones to it. The formula of this lipstick is of a liquid lipstick which has a matte finish. I have to say that all of the lip products from this range are great. The other product is the Collection Cream Puff 'Cotton Candy' which is a more dusty mid toned pink. This has a very similar formula but I would say has a drier texture and has a vanilla scent to it.

The shades I have most fun with is the bright pink colours. The first product is the Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain 'Barcelona Nights' which is a bight pink coral shade that has a liquid texture. Unlike the other lip products mentioned, this one doesn't dry to a matte finish but rather wears away to a stain. For girls who like a low maintenance lip product, this may be the one for you. The final product is the Maybelline Colour Drama 'Fuchsia Desire' which is a blue toned bright pink. This product comes in pencil form making it easy to apply and dries to a moisturising matte finish which is very comfortable to wear.

What is your favourite lip product to wear during the summer?

Emily <3

Monday, 8 August 2016

Planner Haul | Stamps & Washi Tape

I have recently become obsessed by a new hobby of mine which is planning and paper craft making. I featured this new obsession in a previous post in which I talked about my new planner and all the things I use to decorate it. However over the past couple of weeks, I have placed a couple of orders online as well as picking up a few pieces while shopping and I thought I would share them with you.

One of my favourite things to use in my planner other than stickers is stamps. The first type of stamps I picked up were planner related and come from Amazon. The stamps I got include the Waffle Flower 'Planner Stay Focused', Hero Arts Clearly Kelly 'Fitness' & 'Foodie'. All of these stamps are ideal for making 'to do lists' and tracking gym exercises and activities as well as meal planning and creating shopping lists.

The other type of stamps I brought were from The Works. This store is one of my favourite places to find cheap deals on a range of craft items such as washi tape, papers and stamps. One set of stamps contains different types of flowers which would be great for decorating pages and scrap booking. The other set of stamps is a France travel set as I am travelling in a few weeks and is perfect for me.

Other than stamps, I also brought a couple of sets of washi tapes. The first set come from Amazon and contains four rolls of glitter tape and is amazing for placing at the bottom of the page. This glitter tape is also great for card making. The other type of washi tape is from Sainsburys and is a pack of three tapes all of which have a pastel pattern.

Have you brought any craft or stationary items?

Emily <3

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